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"Airship Legion"
Season 1, Episode 8
Airdate: July 16, 2013
Story: FA & Beemo
Written &
storyboarded by:
FA & Beemo
"The Wizard and the Frog"

Airship Legion is the eighth episode of Camp Solace. 


Lily finds an airship and drags it back to Arc 5, after seeing a comic about it, Lily turns Arc 5 into her legion of Air Pirates.


(The episode starts in one of the cabins in Arc 5, with Cat waking up, and eating breakfast.) 

Kiri: (She brings out the portable toaster she has and brings out a toaster strudel and puts it in while humming quietly until she hears a clang outside.) What was that!?

(The other female arc members wake up.) 


Arria: (Yawns, and comes out from under the bed.) What is going on?

Kiri: (Looks outside.) Lily? (Goes outside.) Lily!? What is this?

(Lily is seen in a giant pirate ship. She is wearing a captain's hat and waving at everyone.)

(Lily then hops out through the deck, and runs up to Cat.)

Lily: Isn't it awesome?

Kiri: What are you planning to do with this?

Lily: Maaaaybe you and the girls would want to quit your jobs or lives and come to join me to be Air Pirates!

Arria: (Comes outside through the window.) Hey guys! What'cha guys doing out here?

Lily: (Waving her two arms.) Arria pack your bags, we are going to become Air Pirates.

Hazard: (Coming out of his cabin, yawning.) What is going on here?

Lily: Air Pirates! But no boys aloud in, or they walk the plank!

Hazard: Not interested, I'm out. (He then floats away back into his cabin.)

Lily: Come on guys! Please! It has been my life-long dream since...

Alexis: (Popping out of the window.) When?

Lily: Since this comic book came out yesterday! (Holding the first issue of a comic book named "Sky Front".)

Kiri: Do you even know how to fly?

Lily: How do you think I got it here?

(The screen shows the busted up, torn apart airship.)

Kiri: (looks scared) Oh.

Lily: C'mon it's be reeeaaaaally fun!! (shaking Cat)

Kiri: I don't know about this...

Lily: Pleaaaseee? (looks into her soul with big sparkley eyes)

Kiri: Oh fine! 

Lily: Yayyy! (claps hands)

Kiri: But you can't steer!

Lily: Aww.

(Arria is floating in screen with a couple of suitcases and a lot of pirate merchandise while Lily, Cat, and Alexis are looking at her.)

Arria: Um...I can explain.

(The screen then switches to the airship in the sky, flying about. Then it goes to Lily getting stuff out of a box she found on the ship.)

Lily: Hm... (Throws random objects out of there, until she finds a revolver.) Interesting. (Makes a pose with the gun.)

Kiri: (Comes out of the lower bunks.) So Lily, do yo- (Sees the gun pointed at her.) Lily, what are you doing with that gun?

Lily: This? Oh, I am not going to shoot you! Why would I do that to my prank twin? I am just saving it for later. (She then puts it in her jeans's back pocket.)

Kiri: Oh...okay...

Lily: Why aren't you steering?

Kiri: Oh, I payed Arria to pilot the ship.

(The screen quickly goes to Arria who is sleeping on the controls of the ship, then switches back.)

Lily: Okay! As my first order as captain I shall make everyday Christmas!

Kiri: Lily, you can't make orders like that.

Lily: Well, I then make everyone man the cannons! BECAUSE THERE IS A HUGE MONSTER RIGHT BEHIND YOU! (She yells loudly.)

(The huge monster then slams into the ship, making it rock back and forth, and damaging it a little.)

Kiri: (Panting and running down the stairs to the lower bowels of the ship. She finds the cannons and lights the fuse on it.)

(A small group of cannonballs coming from the cannon hits the serpentine monster, and it falls to the ground.)

Kiri: (Panting.) That was awful.

Lily: (Coming down the stairs.) Good job, matey! Come on and get ready for lunch.

(It is now about 7:00 pm. The screen then goes to the mess hall, where the crew then sits down for sandwiches. The ship though, keeps on rocking back and forth.)

Arria: (taking a bite each time she talks) Mmm! These...sandwiches...are...amazing!

(Cat sighs and takes a small bite from her sandwich)

Lily: (has bread crumbs around her mouth) What's wrong lassy?

Kiri: I kinda just want to go back to camp.

Lily: (pats her back) Hey cheer up! I know what will make you feel better!

(Suddenly, a cannon shot is fired at the ship and it tips the ship to the left, causing the food to slide. Alexis goes to check out what happened.)

Arria: Hey! My sandwich!

(Alexis rushes down with a worried look on her face)

Alexis: Guys we got company.

(The crew then rushes up to the deck to find that another pirate airship is attacking theirs. It then shows up to a female pirate who is on the very side of the ship's deck.)

Cantbella: (Evil laughing.) Well, greetings to you ugly hags.  (She then grabs out a gun that shoots a long rope that ties the other crew up.)

Lily: Well you aren't to beautiful yourself! You... you... stupidhead! (Struggling to get out.)

Cantbella: (Laughing, again.) Looks like someone is too ignorant. 

Kiri: Just let us go! We were just doing stuff until you came along!

Cantbella: Too bad, we are going to take all of your riches and weapons!

Lily: (Yells.) DON'T TAKE MY BABIES!!!

Cantbella: Come on my crew! Let us tak- (The ship and her get eaten by the Huge Monster.)

Lily: Huge ugly monster came back to save us! 

(The monster then roars at them and starts attacking with its claws, which ends up cutting the ropes and freeing the girls.)

Alexis: RUN!!! (The girls then run away from the monster.)

(Lily then stops and runs toward the monster.)

Arria: Lily! What in the mocksockets are you doing!? You'll get killed!

Lily: Don't worry! I got a plan!

Alexis: (Whispering to Arria.) We're dead.

Lily: (Extends her claws, and jumps at the monster.) 

(Lily then slashes many times at the monster, mostly in its sensitive parts, and it kills it.)

Lily: The monster is dead!

Kiri: Wait, the monster isn't heavy monster, is he?

(The ship plummets to the ground, with the girls screaming and holding on to each other on it.)

(The girls are then moaning and groaning with pain in the wreckage on the ship.)

Lily: Guys, maybe the Airship was a bad idea.

Arria: I second that.

Kiri: Finally, we can go back! (She then tries to get up, but then falls in a crippled mess.)

(The scene changes to the girls in full-body casts that aren't covering their heads in the camp's infirmary. The nurse in the imfirmary gives Lily a comic of Aquatic Piloteers and she gets an idea.)

Lily: Guys! We should become Submarine Pilots!

Cat, Arria, and Alexis: NO!

(The episode then ends.)






  • The dream Alexis had before she was woken up was her and Alexis was actually confirmed to be a crime mystery dream, Arria and Alexis were starting to fight in that dream.

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