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Andy Kyle Kancho
Name Andy Kyle Kancho
Sex Male
Age 12
Species Human, Golem
Introduced in My Fault, Part 2


  • Human: Andy has unkempt medium reddish brown hair. He wears a lime green T-shirt and orange shorts. He is 5'2
  • Golem: He is 8'2 and freakishly muscular. He wears bandages all around his head, covering his eyes and mouth. He wears a giant metal shoulder plate on his left shoulder. He wears torn brown pants.

Personality (Human)[]

Andy is nice, but stubborn at times. He usually jumps to conclusions and is energetic.

Abilities (Golem)[]

He weilds a giant cresent moon axe. A swing from his axe can create a crater in solid ground.


Andy's golem design is a mix between Astaroth and Voldo from Soul Calibur 5.

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