Andy Kyle Kancho
Name Andy Kyle Kancho
Sex Male
Age 12
Species Human, Golem
Introduced in My Fault, Part 2


  • Human: Andy has unkempt medium reddish brown hair. He wears a lime green T-shirt and orange shorts. He is 5'2
  • Golem: He is 8'2 and freakishly muscular. He wears bandages all around his head, covering his eyes and mouth. He wears a giant metal shoulder plate on his left shoulder. He wears torn brown pants.

Personality (Human)Edit

Andy is nice, but stubborn at times. He usually jumps to conclusions and is energetic.

Abilities (Golem)Edit

He weilds a giant cresent moon axe. A swing from his axe can create a crater in solid ground.


Andy's golem design is a mix between Astaroth and Voldo from Soul Calibur 5.

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