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Name Arria
Sex Female
Age 15 (biological)
Species Vampire
Occupation Camper, Adventurer
Relatives Unknown sister
Introduced in First Day Troubles
Latest appearance Senseless

Arria Leviosa is a 15 year old vampire and camper. She is in the 5th Arc.


Arria is a 15 year old vampire-hybrid. Stands at 5'7, she has long dark brown wavy hair. She wears a camp t-shirt with jeans and sneakers. Arria has razor sharp teeth and light blue skin.


Arria is easy going and laid-back. She is always cheeky and can cheer anyone up. She is somewhat a daredevil. Has many close friends, who she sometimes wants to "have a little snack". Arria is dramatic and witty. Sort of a tom-boy, that always has at least one sarcastic joke to say. But if she has any sugar whatsoever, she is unbeliveably loud and hyper. Watch out when she has sugar, she's a real handful.


  • Arria can suck rainbow colors out of any inanimate and living object.
  • Can run at lightning fast speed.
  • Float
  • Turn invisible


She goes about her everyday normal life, but only her close friends know that she could eat humans.


  • Lives under Alexis's bed.
  • Has a sister, but she never talks about this mysterious sibling.
  • Has had a weirdy feeling for Alexis Ryerson
  • Alexis Ryerson and Arria share a relationship similar to Marceline and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time.
  • Being a vampire-hybrid, she is half-immortal. Which means she can live for 1000-2000 years.


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