Adventure Time Friends Wiki
Name Bastion
Sex Male
Age 14
Species Electro-Sapiens
Occupation Camper, Medic
Relatives n/a
Introduced in TBA
Latest appearance TBA

Bastion is a camper from the 3rd arc, Terteria.


Bastion has shaggy medium brown hair that goes down to his neck and covers his eyes somewhat. He wears a dark  green jacket over a dark gray T-shirt and dark blue jeans. Bastion wears light blue tennis shoes with black on the inside.


Bastion acts chill and calm most of the time, but in reality, he is excitable, random and really quirky. Despite his ridiculous nature, he tends to worry too much and is overly protective. Bastion spends most of his time drawing, doing science, being a medic or hanging out with his friends, especially Jase.

Bastion also feels a real pride for Terteria and everyone in it.


Bastion's power is power over electricity, otherwise known as Electrokinesis.


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