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"Bling It On!"
Short Number: 2
Airdate: 1 August 2013
Story: Flambo the Epic Epic(;
Written &
storyboarded by:
Flambo the Epic Epic(;
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"Mixed Up!"
"The Underground Bush-Road"

Bling It On! is the second short for the Camp Solace series.


Johnny discovers a bounty of riches while on a solo mission outside of camp, but goes crazy with wealth.


(The short begins with Johnny standing in front of Travis's office in camp. He hesitates to go inside.)

Johnny: (takes a deep breath) You can do this, you can complete whatever task he has for you.

(A voice is heard somewhere off screen.)

Voice: Well what are you waiting for?

Johnny: Whoa! (He jumps and turns around.)

(The voice is revealed to be Cat.)

Johnny: Cat, you nearly scared me half to death! I thought I was going to have to blast you.

Kiri: Oh, sorry. Well why are you taking so long? Travis said he wanted to see you in his office right away.

Johnny: Oh, just a little anxious, I guess. Um..  guess I'll go in now.

Kiri: Well good luck! I'll see you at lunch!

(Cat exits the screen, and Johnny grabs the doorknob, turns it slowly, and goes inside.)

(Scene shifts to Travis's office. Travis is at his desk with his feet up, eyeing Johnny as he walks in.)

Johnny: You wanted to see me, sir?

Travis: Ah yes, Johnny, I have called you to give you your first solo mission.

Johnny: Really sir?

Travis: Yes. Do you know that forest full of dead trees, a few miles outside camp?

Johnny: Yeah.

Travis: Your mission is to go to that forest and burn it with your fire powers.

Johnny: Burn it?

Travis: Yes. You see, it is inhabited by mutant bears that constantly raid the dining hall here at camp. Burning down their forest should be able to scare them off.

Johnny: Okay. Will do Travis sir. (He starts out.)

Travis: (calling back) Oh and Johnny.

Johnny: Yes?

Travis: Bring me back some iced tea from the convenient store just outside of camp when you are done. I'm parched.

Johnny: Can do, Sir.

(Johnny leaves Travis's office.)

Travis: (Shaking his head and smiling) I can't believe he bought the bear story. Well that should keep him busy for awhile.

(The scene shifts to a woods full of dead grey trees that stretches for miles in the distance. We see Johnny standing on the edge of where the woods start, puzzled.)

Johnny: I don't understand. Travis said this woods was inhabited by mutant bears, but I see no sign of life at all. Oh well.

(He starts burning down a bunch of trees in front of him. They immediately turn into ash. Suddenly, he stops abruptly.)

Johnny: What's that?

(He goes over to an old hatch. It is rusted and closed with an old plastic padlock.)

Johnny: It's a hatch. And what's with this padlock? It's only plastic, I can melt right through it.

(He grabs the lock and it melts. He lifts up the latch and looks inside, using his fire for light.)

Johnny: Whoa! Whatever's down there looks shiny. I better check this out.

(He descends into the hole.)

(The scene shifts back to camp, a few hours later. We see some campers gathered in front of the dining hall. Among them are Cat, Arria, Hazard, Alexis, and Lily.)

Kiri: What has been taking Johnny so long? He should have been back two hours ago!

Arria: Maybe he got lost?

Alexis: Or maybe he got eaten by the mutant bears. (She makes a gesture like a bear beginning to strike and growls.)

Hazard: Yeah right, I heard that Travis made that whole story up just to get rid of him. Maybe he got distracted by a stray kitten or something.

Kiri: Yeah, maybe that's it.

(Suddenly, a bright light shines on the campers, who look away or cover their faces. We hear Panic Station start to play from the direction of the light. Then we see Johnny, wearing a fancy suit while strolling up to the group in slow motion. There are campers starring dumbfold while some faint from his awesomeness. He stops at where the Dissideffor arc is and the slow motion and music ends.)

(Suit decription here, coming soon. ((we need to catch up people!)))

Johnny: (in a close up on the shades Johnny is wearing we see Lily, Cat, and Arria) Hey (points to them in a cool way) ladies.

(The sunlight reflects off his glasses and gets Arria in the eyes.)

Arria: (screams quickly then hisses)

Kiri: Johnny what happened while you were away?

Johnny: Well it's kind of a funny story.

(Flashback starts showing Johnny climbing down the ladder from before. Suddenly he slips and falls three feet to the floor in a pile of coins. He sits up and looks around. The scene shifts to Johnny walking out of a gold and jewelry shop carrying a buttload of cash. The scene shifts again to Johnny stopping in front of an old-looking, but modern mall. He presses his face up against a window and the money suit is shown under a light, gleaming. The flashback ends.)

Johnny: Heh, yeah.

(Suddenly the loudspeakers on the dining hall crackle to life.)

Loudspeaker: Dissideffor arc please report to the mess hall to be served.

Lily: Yay! Taco Tuesdays!

(The group rushes in and gets into line, but Johnny does not. Instead he goes to the table which already has a spot set for him with golden utensils, a golden plate, and a golden glass.)

Kiri: Uh, aren't you going to get in line Johnny?

Johnny: Nonsense. (Sits down and rings a bell) Oh wait-or!

(Jimmy walks on screen dressed in a butler outfit while pushing a cart. On the cart we see a large golden plate covered with a lid. He stops and sets the plate in front of Johnny.)

Jimmy: Lunch is served sir. (walks away)

Johnny: (Uncovers lid to reveal a large turkey dinner with mashed potatoes.) Yummy. (Digs in.)

(The group just stares at him longingly for a while and then continues getting pushed through the line by other campers. The scene shifts to two hours later at the archery range. The Dissidefor arc is seen getting their bow and arrows prepared for practice. Johnny does not appear to have a bow.)

Hazard: Uh, Johnny, you do know you need to have a bow to practice right?

Johnny: Indeed. (claps hands)

(Jimmy appears in the same manor as before and lifts the lid from the plate to reveal a shiny jewel-encrusted golden bow with a bundle of arrows with diamonds for heads. Johnny then takes the bow and an arrow and fires. The arrow hits the target perfectly and shatters it. He repeats this quickly at the other targets.)

Kiri: Johnny you should stop or-

(Suddenly the camera pans out to reveal that all the targets are broken. Johnny blows on the tip of his blow as if it were a gun and gives it back to Jimmy. The other campers do not look happy. The scene cuts to everyone in the Disdeffor arc besides Johnny taking in their cabin.)

Kiri: I'm worried about Johnny. 

Arria: Yeah, he's acting like a total jerk. Earlier today he said he couldn't make the arc meeting because he had to "refurnish his cabin" even though it was a mandatory meeting. He's still working on it.

Lily: He said he was too busy to hang out with me!

Hazard: Well I've had it. He has to come out some time. I'm going to go over there and-

(Suddenly Johnny bursts through the door.)

Johnny: What was that Hazard?

Hazard: (Takes a deep breath) Nothing.

Johnny: Good. I was afraid I was going to have to call up my personal assistant on you to take complaints. Man, that Jimmy is so lazy.

Alexis: He has been helping you all day!

Kiri: (Cutting Alexis off) Johnny, it's just that, we are all concerned that this money thing is going to your head.

Johnny: And?

Kiri: And you're kinda becoming a...a...

Hazard: (Cutting Cat off) Jerk, if you ask me.

(Johnny looks around at the faces of his campers. Suddenly a brief flashback occurs showing several scenes of Johnny before he became rich. Suddenly he shakes his head and comes out of the trance.)

Johnny: Whoa guys. I didn't realize. I am so-

(Suddenly an alarm is heard from outside cutting him off.)

Lily: Uh, Johnny, what is that?

Johnny: It sounds like that new burglar alarm I just installed on my cabin. Someone's trying to break in and steal the fortune!

Kiri: Come on guys! We got some crook-fighting to do!

Lily: You mean we get to fight now? (pulls out a knife) Yay!

Arria: Come on!

(They are seen rushing to Johnny's cabin and busting down the door. The group suddenly gasps and the camera shifts to a troll in the center of the room holding a bag of money. The troll hisses and starts climbing to a nearby open window.)

Johnny: Get him!

(The group springs into action. Arria and Hazard fly up and catch the troll. The troll tries punching around but they dodge his attacks. They manage to struggle him to the ground where Cat draws a makeshift trap around his hands and feet, capturing him. Lily then runs over to him.)

Lily: We are going to kill you now! (Draws her knife) Yay!

Kiri: Wait just a second Lily. (looks the troll straight in the eyes) Alright, what were you planning troll?

Troll: Me? Uh, I don't know what you are talking about. And for the record we trolls have discovered a new form of travel.

(Suddenly he vanishes and leaves the money. The group sits dumbfounded for a second until Johnny speaks.)

Johnny: Guys I'm sorry it's come to this. I let all the riches go to my head and nearly endangered the whole camp.

Kiri: It's okay Johnny, don't be so hard on yourself. It happens to even the best of people.

Johnny: I know. But I understand now that money doesn't buy happiness.

(He walks over to the bag of money, picks it up, and it erupts in flames.)

Johnny: I guess now I'll just sell everything that I bought back.

Kiri: And use it to buy new targets?

Johnny: (sheepishly) Yeah.

Kiri: Okay. Well as long as you learned your lesson then.

(The group departs leaving Johnny alone. He looks down at his money suit.)

Johnny: (to himself) Well maybe not everything. (The short ends.)

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