"Breaking Fissure"
Season ???, episode ???
Airdate: Unreleased
Story: FA
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 Breaking Fissure is an unreleased episode originally going to be in the second season of Camp Solace. 

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

A series of earthquakes happens at Camp Solace, making a cracks in the Earth that is slowly engulfing the camp. Dissideffor must find the source of these earthquakes, while trying to survive the forces of the underground.

Plot/Transcript[edit | edit source]

(The episode starts out with Johnny holding a yellow VHS tape in his cabin.)

Johnny: Finally, I have found the final VHS in the "Firebreather's Trilogy"!

(He then tries to put it in the VCR, but a tremor happens while he tries to put it in, the VHS tape fell out of his hands and breaks.)

Johnny: NO! (Kneels down at the broken plastic box with film coming out of it.) Thirty dollars on eMart, ruined!

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