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Camped Out is the fifth short in the Camp Solace series.

"Camped Out"
Short Number: 5
Airdate: July 20, 2013
Story: FTHG
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"Lake Mayomaya"


The fifth Arc goes camping.


(The scene starts out with Cat lugging a giant backpack through a path in the woods and swatting flies away from her face. Up ahead, Alexis is seen complaining about something to Arria. Both have backpacks as well. Johnny is peering over a map, and Hazard is floating along, seemingly unbothered. Lily is walking next to Johnny.)

Alexis: It's so hot. (wipes sweat off her face)

Arria: Why'd we have to pick this weekend to go camping?

Johnny: I told you, there's going to be a meteor shower tonight. It'll be really cool to watch from this vantage point.

Lily: Where's Allie??

Arria: She went to a nerd convention with Oda and Feron!

Alexis: Aren't we almost there though?

Kiri: Wait up guys! (gasps for air and continues dragging her bag)

Hazard: Why'd you bring so much stuff anyway? There's plenty of food in the forest. (a bunny hops by) See, like that. (Alexis and Lily both laugh.)

Kiri: No I just brought all my art stuff so I can capture the meteor shower. And a blowup mattress because the dirt is hard. And a hot chocolate maker. Because it could get cold!

Arria: (rolling her eyes) Cat, you've never been camping before, have you?

Kiri: Um, well, maybe not. But I just wanted to be prepared!

Johnny: I was a scout, and you're way over prepared. (folds the map up and reaches into his pocket, pulling out an army knife and a compass) I got us covered.

Alexis: Please tell me someone brought a tent. (glares at Johnny)

Hazard: Don't worry, I got it. (pats his backpack)

Lily: There's only one tent? For all six of us? We have to share a tent… with boys? (has a disgusted but also excited look on her face)

Arria: It's only for one night.

Hazard: It's a big tent.

Alexis: That is, if Cat's air mattress doesn't take up all the room.

Kiri: (blushing) I don't need to use it! I just thought… just in case…

Johnny: (pushing away some branches to reveal a small campsite clearing with mostly packed dirt and a small grill) We're here.

Alexis: This is it? I thought it'd be more… interesting.

Lily: Ooh! We can play Murderer to pass the time.

Johnny: Let's get set up first.

(Hazard gets the tent out of his bag, and the group begins to try and set it up. It's about halfway set up when Hazard pokes Alexis with one of the poles. She glares at him but keeps setting up the tent. Johnny dictates instructions, and after a few more minutes it's done.)

Johnny: (looking at his watch) That went well. It's about 5 o'clock. We're right on schedule.

Alexis: You have a schedule?

Lily: Can we play a game yet?

Hazard: Agreed. I'm bored.

Arria: Alright Lily. Teach us how to play.

(Lily instructs everyone to sit down in a circle, and she remains standing.)

Lily: So, you all close your eyes. If I tap you on the shoulder, you're the murderer. Then, we all make eye contact with each other. If someone winks at you, you're dead, so wait a few seconds and then lie down. Then you try and guess who the murderer is. If you guess wrong, you're also dead. Got it? Oh, and I can't guess. (Everyone nods and closes their eyes. Lily walks around the circle and taps Cat on the shoulder, then takes her place next to her.) Now, everyone open your eyes.

(Everyone looks around at each other. Lily takes turns staring wide eyed at people, Alexis glares at Hazard, and Cat nervously looks around at everyone, blinking a lot. She tries to wink at Arria, but makes it very big and obvious. Arria waits a second, then dramatically falls over from her sitting position and lies down.)

Johnny: It's Cat.

Kiri: S-sorry! I'm not very good at games. Or winking at people. (blushes)

Lily: Correct, Cat was the murderer. 

Alexis: (muttering) I don't think she's the only murderer though.

(The group plays again, this time with Arria as the murderer. She gets Johnny and Alexis out before Hazard guesses her.)

Johnny: Why is it always me!

(Everyone laughs, and they continue playing for another hour or so. Lily's stomach is heard growling.)

Lily: I'm hungry.

Kiri: I brought trail mix!

Johnny: And I brought hot dogs and s'mores ingredients.

Alexis: How cliche.

(Johnny passes out a hot dog to everyone, and goes out in the woods for a minute. He comes back with a pile of sticks, and lights them to start a fire. Soon a roaring campfire is going, and everyone is roasting and eating their hot dogs. Arria, Hazard, and Lily all eat their hot dogs raw.)

Alexis: (munching on trail mix) Are you you sure that's safe?

Hazard: Maybe not for humans. (takes a bite of his)

(Arria shrugs and devours her hot dog. Lily is nibbling on hers, and sticking her long tongue out to capture flies that are hovering around the fire.)

Lily: Flies and hotdogs make a good combination. (Cat pretends to gag.)

Johnny Alright, the sun is starting to go down, and the meteor shower should be at nine. We should - (he is cut off by Arria)

Arria: Jeez Johnny, calm down. Let's just all talk and hang out, okay? Not everything needs to be on schedule.  (The other campers nod in agreement.)

(The friends talk and chat while the sun goes down, and Johnny passes out ingredients for s'mores)

Kiri: So how do you all like your marshmallows? I like mine really gooey. (sticks hers over the fire for about a minute, before pressing it between two graham crackers with chocolate.)

Arria: Yech, marshmallows. I'll just eat the chocolate.

Hazard: (poking his stick all the way into the fire and burning his marshmallow to a crisp) Crunchy and well done.

Alexis: Yuck. Golden brown please.

Johnny: I like mine sort of well done, but more on the brown side, not black.

Lily: (sticking her face into the bag of marshmallows, and talking with some in her mouth) Whoof sayd anyfing uhbot cooking dem? (Everyone laughs)

(After everyone finishes their s'mores.)

Alexis: Now what?

Hazard: We could tell scary stories.

Arria: Again?

Lily: (sneaking up behind Cat) THE HAND!!!!!!

(Cat shrieks)

Johnny: It's eight. How about we set up our sleeping bags? The meteor shower could go on for some time. (Everyone nods in agreement, and gets out their sleeping bags to set up outside the tent to watch the meteor shower in.)

Lily: (to Cat) But I wanted to be near Johnny! (pouts)

Kiri: Um um okay sorry! But he's my friend too. We can both sit next to him. (smiles)

(Johnny looks mildly uncomfortable but says nothing.)

(Everyone gets adjusted in their sleeping bags, and chats until Arria sees a falling star.)

Arria: Look! It must be starting. (Everyone watches the meteor shower in silence, with content expressions on their faces, and some start to drift off. The meteor shower lasts for about forty five minutes.)

Kiri: (whispering sleepily) That was really pretty.

Lily: Yeah Johnny, thanks for making us go. (rolls over in her sleeping bag)

Alexis: Can we just sleep out here? Do we even need a tent?

Johnny: Let's just all go in there to be safe. There are bugs and stuff.

(Everyone sleepily drags their gear back into the tent and gets comfortable again. Murmured whispering is heard, and people begin to fall asleep. The screen goes black and the short ends.)


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