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Casy Green
Name Casy Green
Sex Female
Age 17
Species Humanoid
Occupation Camper, Adventurer, Psychic
Introduced in Psychique

Casy Green is a 17 year old, who is in charge of the 3rd arc.


Casy is a tall for her age, standing at 6'1. She has white hair and eyes, and usually wears darker colors. She always wears gloves so people don't accidentally touch her. She has extreme paranoia from the fear that she will be touched accidentally, but it doesn't bother her much.


Casy is very shy, but is a great leader because she can make quick decisions and listens to what everyone has to say. She is also very smart.


Casy has a unique ability to see someone's past, present, and future when touched by that person. The person that is being touched can see their past, present, and future by looking into Casy's eyes.


  • She is the only known psychic at the camp.


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