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Chad Thompson
Chad eating chimichanga
Name Chad Thompson
Sex Male
Species Human
Introduced in You Are What You Eat


What's it to you? Human flesh is a delightful banquet.
-Chad Thompson

Chad Thompson is a cannibal who sneaks into the camp disguised as a motivational speaker.

He used his speaking skills to convince Travis to split up the arcs into age group instead. So that he could make his own personal slaughterhouse. That was until the gang stopped him and he died by falling into a dormant volcano chamber.


Chad has blonde, well-organized hair. He usually wears his collared-white shirt with red tie on the neck.


Chad is a very calm man, and has a distinct cold attitude towards others.


  • Chad was originally going to turn into a demon in the later parts of the story, until one of the writers of the episode and designer of Chad scrapped the idea. 
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