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This is a page designated for signing up to make episodes and shorts for the Camp Solace/CS series.


Note: There has been talk about finishing the first season of the series in time for it to be reviewed. This is still under discussion, but the rules might be submitted to change temporarily if needed.

  • One episode and one short per one week. No exceptions.
  • Nobody can make a short or episode within three weeks of making one themselves.
  • The same person cannot make a short and an episode in the same week.
  • First person to sign up for a week (as long as they are not violating the first three rules) can write their episode or short.
  • Admins have the final say on whether a short or episode can be written.

Rules are submitted to change at any given time per admin discussions. If you would like to make any suggestions, just leave a message on one of the admins' talk pages and they will get back to you ASAP. If you violate one of these rules when writing episodes or shorts, your page will be archived elsewhere until it can be made. It will not be truly deleted and you will be notified if this happens. You can find a sandbox regarding the production of episodes here. Thank you and sign in below.

  • Episode Name: (Yet to be determined)
  • Story by: Flambo
  • Written by: Flambo

  • Short Name: The XIII Trump (yet to be made)
  • Story by: OS
  • Written by: OS