Name Exus
Sex Sexless (Male programming)
Age 11 (A.I)
Species Robot
Occupation Camper
Relatives Karen Etch (Adoptive mother)
Introduced in Exus in the Heliopause

Exus (CVD-001) is a robot designed specifically for time travel, made by a descendant of Karen Etch four thousand years from present time.


Exus is a nice person, strategic and confident. But, he sometimes worries about a lot of things and sometimes too confident.


Exus was made by Ashet, an amateur robot designer. Ashet for travelling back into time to stop the Sun from imploding and engulfing the world in it by a bomb placed by intergalactic terrorists. But sadly, before Ashet could finish Exus's ability to go into the future, Exus traveled back in time, all the way to the time the cast resides now. Cat found him lying in a tree and adopted him.


  • By technicality, he is the youngest member in the entire camp.
  • Has a love for lounge music.
  • While Exus does have weaponry, he can't use them on human beings or humanoids because it would conflict with Issac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics.
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