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Hello, I'm Happy Smoothie and here's some guidence for making an episode or short. I'm not so good at writing episodes/shorts myself, but here's some basic tips!

Plot Making and Story[]

So, let's say you're eager to write an episode! But, you don't know what it's going to be about. Or you just want to introduce your character in the series, but how?

I've had that feeling, alot of people have. But here's how it works:

Introducing a Character[]

Okay, this is partly base off what your character is like. For character making, go to this page. First, you don't want to make his/her appearence Mary Sue-ish. For example, you don't want your shy character to brag when meeting the others.Try reading some of the episodes here to get an idea! Make a simple plot, then, if you want to shock the reader, have a sudden twist! Like in the episode The Pink-Haired Devil, the characters go on a mission but meet someone along the way. Or, if your character is villain-ish at first, the others can battle you and then befriend them at the end! Ask the admins here for more tips.

Just Wanting to Write[]

Wanting to write an episode to either impress others or just for fun can be difficult. Look at the characters personalities and traits. That's an excellent source for a story! For example, the character Lily Danger likes knives and sharp objects. So, maybe write an episode about her on a mission and she uses her weapons?