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Jenna Woodstock
Name Jenna Woodstock
Sex Female
Age 13
Species Tree Nymph
Occupation Camper
Introduced in You Are What You Eat
Really? He is a really awesome speaker! I bought all of his DVDs!
-Jenna Woodstock

Jenna Woodstock is a tree nymph that attends Camp Solace in the Terteria arc. She does wood craft and weapon making in that arc. She often appears in the background of camp events or has small talking roles.


Jenna has dark wood skin and curly leave hair, with what appears to be a squirrel and some branches in it. She wears a dress that is just a bunch a leaves tied together with a brown band and a yellow amulet. She has big feet and no shoes.


Jenna is sassy, but is a good friend. She is very dreamy about the things she likes.


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