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Johnny Awsumeh
Name Johnny Awsumeh
Sex Male
Age 14
Species Pyro-Sapiens
Occupation Camper, Adventurer
Introduced in First Day Troubles
Latest appearance Senseless

Johnny Awsumeh is a 14-year old humanoid who can control fire. He is a member of the Dissideffor Arc.


Johnny has a light skinned complexion with straight light brown hair and dark red eyes. He wears a black t-shirt along with green cargo pants and sneakers that resemble the Converse brand. He's about 5'7' - 5'8' but Johnny claims that he is much taller because he "hasn't measured himself in a while."


Johnny is a nice, sarcastic, and fun dude. He loves to be active and has a fun personality. He's always full of jokes and likes to make people laugh.


  • Able to control fire in all forms.
  • Can run at an above average speed.


  • He is associated with a scouting group.


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