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Name J.C.
Sex Male
Age 17
Species Human-Cryptid hybrid
Occupation Chauffeur
Introduced in The Pink-Haired Devil
"Good luck, and don't get killed."
-The Chauffeur telling the campers to be careful.

Jovan Chofer (Serbian: Јован Шофер; Jovan Sofer) is a character who was hired for camp's transportation as a chauffeur.


Jovan is a tall-lean man with long dark hair, covered by a fedora hat. Due to his species as a cryptid hybrid, he has dark yellowish-brown skin with some scales on several body parts. He usually wear a charcoal suit along with a red bow tie.


As seen by campers, he's a calm man with big sense of honor.


  • The symbol on his red bow tie means "Camp's Chauffeur."
  • Unlike other characters in Camp Solace universe, The Chauffeur only has three fingers.
  • His last name "Chofer" is a word-play of his occupation.
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