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Kaia Rivermare
Name Kaia Rivermare
Sex Female
Age 15
Species Hydro-Sapient
Occupation Gardener
Introduced in TBA

 Kaia Rivermare is a camper from the 3rd Arc, who works as a gardener.


Kaia is brunette and short-haired. She always wears, her teal short sleeve jacket. She also wears an ocean colored skirt and light yellow boots along with her white knee-length socks. She also wears a long brown belt to make her look cooler.


Kaia was raised by her mother and father. Her mother was a water elemental while her father is human. Her parents died and no one knows why. The police declared it was because of murder. Kaia was taken care by her mother's friends and learned how to control water and liquid. Kaia still sad abandoned her new family and home. She climbed trees, hunt for food and use her powers against people she hate. After a few weeks she stumbled upon Camp Solace .


When her parents were still alive she was very respectful and nice. But after she felt guilty of their death she lost her respect towards other people. She became very unsocial and angry at herself. After she came upon Camp Solace she was accepted as a gardener. She started talking to other people and became a bit social and friendly. She loves nature and she sometimes escapes her arc and do missions herself since she is adventurous. She doesn't know how to make people laugh, and doesn't laugh herself. It's really hard to make her laugh.


  • Climbing
  • Able to control water 
  • Surf without a surfboard
  • Water shield



  • Kaia in hawaiian means "the sea"
  • Her last name is a combination of river a large natural stream of water flowing in a channel to the sea and mare which means "water" in latin
  • Like Kaia, the creator of her always wears her jacket too
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