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KaiserCam Mark V
Name KaiserCam Mark V
Origin Kaiser Robotics
Type Semi-Autonomous Drone
Owner Karl
Function Used to scout ahead of the group
Features IR/Thermal, visible, and UV light cameras, ultrasound emitter, GPS tracking beacon

The KaiserCam Mark V, also known in short-hand form as the KaiserCam is a pre-GMW-produced type of scout drone.

Description and History[]

Taking the form of a tiny helicopter, many of these were produced before the war for both civilian and military use. These were well-liked by their operators for their abilities to enter and easily move about in enclosed spaces, such as that of a house. It is controlled through a retinal-display headset, which displays the output from the drone, and a small control pad complete with a joystick, using for controling the drone. It can also be connected to a laptop or computer and operated from there.


Karl Holt has the only known one (to the camp) operational post-war, although considering the diaspora of survivors and the amount of unexplored wreckage, there are probably a good deal of KaiserCams that are still usable.