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Karen (Kiri) Etch
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Name Karen (Kiri) Etch
Sex Female
Age 12
Species Unknown
Occupation Camper, Adventurer
Relatives Exus (Adoptive son)
Introduced in First Day Troubles
Latest appearance Senseless
Take time to smell the roses, for life's sweetest gifts are free.

Karen Etch is a humanoid that has the ability to make anything she draws come to life. She is a camper and member of the Dissideffor Arc.


Kiri has a light skinned complexion with pinkish hair in twin buns. She has light green eyes and wears a green and white baseball shirt with a light pink vest. She has a yellow-green frog backpack which she keeps all her drawing utensils and sketchbook. Karen has a jade green polka dot skirt and yellow-green rainboots with pink lining.


Karen is mostly described as compassionate and courteous. Although a leader, she lets her emotions and her fears cloud her judgement sometimes. She has a positive nature and is obsessed with frogs. Kiri loves doing any kind of art and is horrible at sports and anything requiring physical activity. She is very clumsy and absent-minded.


Drawing (whatever is drawn comes to life)

  • Pencil/Paintbrush- Karen usually uses the pencil to make things appear
  • Eraser- Karen uses the eraser to make something that she drew disappear





Karen and Alexis are very close friends and she can always count on Alexis to help her when in need. In a way, Karen sees Alexis as her "sister from another mister" and loves her to bits (in platonic way). Alexis respects Kiri like her little sister, as she refers Alexis with the same way.

Arria Leviosa[]

Arria and Kiri are close friends who enjoys hanging out together, they oftenly seen together in the arc. They spent their times together mostly on chatting rather than working, but sometimes they hard work together in missions given by Travis.


Johnny is one of the most trustworthy members that Karen has, they oftenly goes together to ask missions from Travis. Sometimes, Kiri is fascinated with Johnny's chill attitude when facing problems. But sometimes she's disappointed with Johnny's stubborn personality occured in Troll Battle episode.


potato ducks

Picora Hazard[]



Exus is Kiri's "son", while she does care about him deeply, she usually overprotects him from doing some things.

Allie McGrath[]

Karen and Allie have a friendly relationship. They agree on most things with eachother. While Allie often complains that she can't draw as good as Kiri, they both still can relate a lot.

Oda Luffy[]


Cromwell []


Travis Speck[]





  • Karen is ambidextrous
  • She is the adopted mother of Exus.
  • Her design was based on Maxwell from Scribblenauts.
  • Her color scheme is very close to Keroppi's from Sanrio.
  • Likes to practice jumping.
  • Ironically, she loves the rain but she cant draw in any wet conditions.
  • Her last name is a reference to Etch-a-Sketch


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