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Karl Holt
Name Karl Holt
Sex Male
Age 17
Species Artifical Human (Humanoid)
Occupation Camper
Relatives Several "brothers" and "sisters", location unknown
Knowledge is power. Thus, the more knowledge, the more power one has. That's why I'm around. Incidentally, that's also why we don't have civlization or organized government anymore.
-Karl Holt

Karl Holt is an artifically-created seventeen year old human.


He has medium-length brown hair consistent, green eyes, and is 6'2". He wears a grey coat and pants with gold edging and his initials on the right side of his upper chest, and a pair of black boots.


Karl is a loyal friend, and very intelligent. He is funny and nice, but not everyone gets his sense of humor. Due to being made as a biological tool and nothing more, he has a hard time being casual and is sometimes quite awkward in casual social situations. He's very intellegent and knows a lot, but rarely reveals


Since Karl is genetically engineered, he has special bionic abilities that were made to help him out on reconnaissance missions and to gather intelligence. He has the ability to turn invisible at will by using a chameleon-like technology to blend in with his surroundings. In addition, he also has hyper-sensitive hearing and vision, and can speak any language instantly if he hears it. Because of his genetic makeup, he is also immune to radiation. In addition, thanks to his previous work, he's been trained in the use of knives, pistols, and small firearms such as rifles and SMGs. Although, he isn't much of a fighter - particularly hand-to-hand combat, and rarely carries a weapon around. More of a brains-over-brawn kind of guy.




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Before the glitch occured, advances in biotechnology and genetics allowed for a much easier form of making artifical organic beings, although such use was highly restricted on the basis of ethics. During the event, as material resources dwindled thanks to the state of crysis, one government decided to use less than ethical means to bolster its forces without having to use any of their precious metal resources. Artifically born and grown, an unknown number of these artifical humans were made to serve a variety of roles, with Karl being one of them. Each given a nickname to use aside from their serial number, basic training, and then sent to work. After the glitch, most of Karl's superiors and handlers were dead, and he had nothing to do and nowhere to go. After wandering from town to town and being discriminated against because of his military/government and artifical background, he found a group of slightly misfit teenagers at Camp Solace who befriended him and gave him a place to live. Karl is useful to the fifth arc because of his abilities, and is considered a great friend.


  • At the moment, Karls is the oldest member inside Dissideffor Arc.
  • He owns a KaiserCam, which he treats with care and spends his free time tinkering with it.
  • Many people were "made" as part of the project he belonged to, although he only knows of 7 apart from him that are possibly still alive. He sometimes wonders about his lost "brothers" and "sisters".
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