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"Lake Mayomaya"
Short Number: 4
Airdate: July 15, 2013
Story: HS & OS
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"The Underground Bush-Road"
"Camped Out"

 Lake Mayomaya is the fourth short for the Camp Solace series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Dissideffor arc spends some time together in Lake Mayomaya in empty summer vacation.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

(The short begins with Allie and Cat checking out a lake together on a brochure.)

Kiri: Is this the place?? Is this really the place??

Allie: Yeah. You like it?

Kiri: It's wonderful! What did your wizard friends call it?

Allie: The Magical lake, Mayomaya.

Kiri: Mayomaya?

Allie: (giggles) Yes, in full moon, this lake will turn white and smell like mayonnaise.

Kiri: Whoaa that's cool.

Allie: Should we invite the others?

Kiri: Of course!

(Cat and Allie start to tell everyone about their plan for summer.)

3 Days later....

Johnny: Whoa this is the place?

Arria: Cool!

Hazard: Where's the free mayo?

Alexis: Anybody here can't swim?

(The group is stoned in silence for a second, and then laugh together afterwards.)

Kiri: I'm pretty sure everyone can swim here. (giggles)

Johnny: So why did you bring that life vest, Lily?

Lily: What life vest? I thought Alexis brought it.

Alexis: Wait, I thought Johnny brought it.

(Suddenly Allie shrugs and is silent.)

Kiri: Aww you can't swim Allie?

Alexis: Aww I'm sorry for laughing at you.

Lily: Maybe we can teach you how to swim! Right Johnny?

Johnny: I came here to fish, sorry.

Lily: Alexis? 

Alexis: I.... gotta do something with Arria.

Lily: Pico-

Hazard: Don't even think about it.

Lily: Cat?

Kiri: Of course!

Allie: (blushes) Thanks guys.

Lily & Cat: You're welcome!

(The group splits and starts doing their activities.)

Alexis:  Soooo, wat'cha wanna do?

Hazard: (grins) We can bury eachother in the sand.

Arria: Sure, let's start with Alexis.

Alexis: Ehhh...okay I guess. But only to the neck.

(The scene quickly goes to Alexis buried)

Hazard:  Phew....

Arria: Done!

Alexis: The sand actually feels pretty good. Although I can't reach my soda.

Arria: So I guess me and Hazard are gonna go get milkshakes at the snack bar. See ya!

Alexis: Um, you guys are gonna unbury me right?

Hazard: Yeah, don't worry, we'll be back.

Alexis: Okay...

(The scene shifts to Johnny fishing)

Johnny: Talk about boring...

(suddenly his pole starts tugging)

Johnny: All right! Finally! (starts reeling) Wow, a big fish.

(keeps reeling until a huge green head floats up)


Johnny: Seriously??

Kraken: (swats at Johnny with a huge tentacle)

Johnny: So you wanna fight huh?

(Johnny starts fighting the Kraken when Hazard and Arria walk up)

Hazard: Oh great, a kraken.

Arria: I'll go tell a life guard or something

(runs up to an old man wearing a shirt that says "life guard")

Arria: Um, hey gramps, my friend is fighting a kraken over there and-

Old man: Eh??

Arria: I said that my friend is in trouble and-

Old man: EH??? Can't hear you sonny!

Arria: I'm a girl! And for the last time, my friend is-

Old man: You eat squirrels, you say?? Kids these days..

Arria: Forget this! (walks back to the fighting)

Johnny: Hey guys! I think I almost finished him-

(kraken slaps Johnny again)

Hazard: (sighs) I'll go help.

(scene shifts to Cat, Lily, and Allie)

Lily: Well first, Allie, you have to flap your arms like a duck! Then-

Cat: That's not how you swim! Just kick your legs and move your arms up and down.

Lily: Nah, you're supposed to act like a duck slash fish! They can swim, so just do what they do!

Cat: That's not how it works Lily...

Allie: Um, guys. I think I'll be fine playing in the sand or something.

Lily: Nonsence! Just watch what we do.

Cat: Good idea! So like I said, kick your legs like this.

(small swimming montage)

Allie: Oooh. I think I can do it now!

(goes in water)

Cat: Be careful Allie!

Allie: I'm doing it! I'm doing it! HAHAHA! YES! (gets eaten by shark)

Lily: Ohh boy...


Arria: (her and Hazard walk up) What's the problem?

Lily: Allie got eaten by a shark, nothing big...oh wait...ALLIE GOT EATEN BY A SHARK (runs around screaming)

Arria: (shrugs) Well, those dumb lifeguards won't help.

Hazard: What are sharks and krakens even doing in a lake...

Cat: Kraken?? There's a kraken???

Hazard: Yeah, Johnny captured it after a long fight.

Johnny: (walks up all wet with the kraken in a net) Yep, but we're gonna have some kraken-sushi tonight!

Allie: (yelling out in the distance) Hey guys! I'm fine! (swims back)

Lily: Yay! You're swimming!

Cat: How'd you get out?

Allie: With bananas, obviously.

Cat: (left confused) Weeell maybe we should head back now.

(They all walk back to camp)

Arria: Hmm...I'm having this weird feeling.

Hazard: Like what?

Arria: Like I'm forgetting something...

Hazard: Same here.

Arria: All well, probably nothing.

(scene goes to the lake at night time)

Alexis: (still buried in sand) I'M SO GONNA KILL YOU GUYS!

(short ends)

Characters[edit | edit source]

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Minor[edit | edit source]

  • Old Man Lifeguard
  • Kraken
  • Shark

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