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 This article is about the short. For the location, see Lake Mayomaya (Location).

"Lake Mayomaya"
Short Number: 4
Airdate: July 15, 2013
Story: HS & OS
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"The Underground Bush-Road"
"Camped Out"

 Lake Mayomaya is the fourth short for the Camp Solace series.


Dissideffor arc spends some time together in Lake Mayomaya in empty summer vacation.


(The short begins with Allie and Cat checking out a lake together on a brochure.)

Kiri: Is this the place?? Is this really the place??

Allie: Yeah. You like it?

Kiri: It's wonderful! What did your wizard friends call it?

Allie: The Magical lake, Mayomaya.

Kiri: Mayomaya?

Allie: (giggles) Yes, in full moon, this lake will turn white and smell like mayonnaise.

Kiri: Whoaa that's cool.

Allie: Should we invite the others?

Kiri: Of course!

(Cat and Allie start to tell everyone about their plan for summer.)

3 Days later....

Johnny: Whoa this is the place?

Arria: Cool!

Hazard: Where's the free mayo?

Alexis: Anybody here can't swim?

(The group is stoned in silence for a second, and then laugh together afterwards.)

Kiri: I'm pretty sure everyone can swim here. (giggles)

Johnny: So why did you bring that life vest, Lily?

Lily: What life vest? I thought Alexis brought it.

Alexis: Wait, I thought Johnny brought it.

(Suddenly Allie shrugs and is silent.)

Kiri: Aww you can't swim Allie?

Alexis: Aww I'm sorry for laughing at you.

Lily: Maybe we can teach you how to swim! Right Johnny?

Johnny: I came here to fish, sorry.

Lily: Alexis? 

Alexis: I.... gotta do something with Arria.

Lily: Pico-

Hazard: Don't even think about it.

Lily: Cat?

Kiri: Of course!

Allie: (blushes) Thanks guys.

Lily & Cat: You're welcome!

(The group splits and starts doing their activities.)

Alexis:  Soooo, wat'cha wanna do?

Hazard: (grins) We can bury eachother in the sand.

Arria: Sure, let's start with Alexis.

Alexis: Ehhh...okay I guess. But only to the neck.

(The scene quickly goes to Alexis buried)

Hazard:  Phew....

Arria: Done!

Alexis: The sand actually feels pretty good. Although I can't reach my soda.

Arria: So I guess me and Hazard are gonna go get milkshakes at the snack bar. See ya!

Alexis: Um, you guys are gonna unbury me right?

Hazard: Yeah, don't worry, we'll be back.

Alexis: Okay...

(The scene shifts to Johnny fishing)

Johnny: Talk about boring...

(suddenly his pole starts tugging)

Johnny: All right! Finally! (starts reeling) Wow, a big fish.

(keeps reeling until a huge green head floats up)


Johnny: Seriously??

Kraken: (swats at Johnny with a huge tentacle)

Johnny: So you wanna fight huh?

(Johnny starts fighting the Kraken when Hazard and Arria walk up)

Hazard: Oh great, a kraken.

Arria: I'll go tell a life guard or something

(runs up to an old man wearing a shirt that says "life guard")

Arria: Um, hey gramps, my friend is fighting a kraken over there and-

Old man: Eh??

Arria: I said that my friend is in trouble and-

Old man: EH??? Can't hear you sonny!

Arria: I'm a girl! And for the last time, my friend is-

Old man: You eat squirrels, you say?? Kids these days..

Arria: Forget this! (walks back to the fighting)

Johnny: Hey guys! I think I almost finished him-

(kraken slaps Johnny again)

Hazard: (sighs) I'll go help.

(scene shifts to Cat, Lily, and Allie)

Lily: Well first, Allie, you have to flap your arms like a duck! Then-

Cat: That's not how you swim! Just kick your legs and move your arms up and down.

Lily: Nah, you're supposed to act like a duck slash fish! They can swim, so just do what they do!

Cat: That's not how it works Lily...

Allie: Um, guys. I think I'll be fine playing in the sand or something.

Lily: Nonsence! Just watch what we do.

Cat: Good idea! So like I said, kick your legs like this.

(small swimming montage)

Allie: Oooh. I think I can do it now!

(goes in water)

Cat: Be careful Allie!

Allie: I'm doing it! I'm doing it! HAHAHA! YES! (gets eaten by shark)

Lily: Ohh boy...


Arria: (her and Hazard walk up) What's the problem?

Lily: Allie got eaten by a shark, nothing big...oh wait...ALLIE GOT EATEN BY A SHARK (runs around screaming)

Arria: (shrugs) Well, those dumb lifeguards won't help.

Hazard: What are sharks and krakens even doing in a lake...

Cat: Kraken?? There's a kraken???

Hazard: Yeah, Johnny captured it after a long fight.

Johnny: (walks up all wet with the kraken in a net) Yep, but we're gonna have some kraken-sushi tonight!

Allie: (yelling out in the distance) Hey guys! I'm fine! (swims back)

Lily: Yay! You're swimming!

Cat: How'd you get out?

Allie: With bananas, obviously.

Cat: (left confused) Weeell maybe we should head back now.

(They all walk back to camp)

Arria: Hmm...I'm having this weird feeling.

Hazard: Like what?

Arria: Like I'm forgetting something...

Hazard: Same here.

Arria: All well, probably nothing.

(scene goes to the lake at night time)

Alexis: (still buried in sand) I'M SO GONNA KILL YOU GUYS!

(short ends)




  • Old Man Lifeguard
  • Kraken
  • Shark


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