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Name Lily
Sex Female
Age 15
Species Cat/Human Hybrid
Introduced in First Day Troubles
Latest appearance Singularity

Lily Danger is a 15 year old humanoid. She is a camper and member of the Dissideffor Arc.


Lily has fair skin, and golden bronze, long, wavy hair. She usually wears it down, but on some occasions she wears it in a ponytail or a messy bun. She has ears resembling a cat's, which are a shade darker than her hair. Lily is 5'4, standing shorter than most of the other kids in her arc. 


Lily has a multitude of different outfits. She is fond of colorful clothes, and especially likes pastel colors. She doesn't like outfits that aren't comfortable on her, and she isn't very fond of dressing up in formal clothes, either. Her style would be considered 'tom-boyish' sometimes, but she loves girly clothes, too. She isn't interested much in fasion, so she doesn't spend to much time putting together outfits. Her favorite color is pink, so a lot of her clothes contain pink in them.


  • The outfit Lily most commonly wears is her pink sweater, which has a cartoon kitten's face in the center, jean shorts, and her red sneakers. She wears colorful socks, one often a different color than the other. 
  • Lily sometimes wears loose t-shirts along with khakis or jeans. Sometimes they have colorful graphics on them, but sometimes they are plain or dull. She wears her usual red sneakers with this type of outfit. 
  • She will sometimes wear a baggy red sweatshirt along with jean shorts or jeans. LIke usual, she wears her red sneakers.


  • Lily has a pastel pink dress she likes to wear when she has to be formal. She wears this with either white ballet flats or boots.
  • She will sometimes wear a suit, which the other arc members find strange. It is a two-piece suit, which is mostly black. She wears a red bowtie with it.


  • Lily wears a pastel blue tank-top with black cotton shorts. When is running in this outfit, she likes to be barefoot. Other than that, when participating in other sports and active activities, she likes to wear pastel green sneakers. They look the same as her red sneakers, but are green. 


  • Lily will only sleep in one outfit, and that is a baggy black t-shirt and baggy, purple spotted, soft pants. 


  • Lily is sometimes called the 'master of disguise' in her arc. She sometimes steals other arc member's clothes and dresses up like them. Sometimes she does this to prank others, and sometimes she just does it for fun.


Lily has a very hyperactive, peppy personality. She hates to be lonely, but that is pretty much the only think Lily could be able to hate. Lily is known among her friends to be honest; sometimes a little too honest. She often has trouble keeping her mouth shut if she is told a secret. She can be serious, but she thinks she is better off being as outgoing as possible. She may look like the kind of person who would back out of a fight from being scared, but Lily is a surprisingly good fighter. She learned from different experiences. Even though she is a good fighter, she still doesn't like getting into fights. She likes having a good influence on others. She will defend herself and her friends if she is needed, though. Lily doesn't get mad a lot, but when she does it is hard to settle her down. She tries to keep her anger contained all the time and keep a smile on her face. Due to being half cat, it is natural for Lily to act feisty at times.

Character Relationships[]

Karen Etch[]

Catherine took Lily as her prank twin. Most of the camp members refer them as Troll Duo, due to their work and action to prank people together. They pull pranks on almost every member in every arc, which gets them into trouble together, but they always take it as a worthy thing to do.

Johnny Awsumeh[]

Lily has an odd relationship with Johnny. When on missions, Lily is often warned by Johnny whenever she gets obsessed on killing someone. As seen in "The Wizard and the Frog," it is shown that Lily is not bothered while kissing him, nor the vice versa.

Arria Leviosa[]

Lily rarely talks with Arria. Even on important missions, they decide to reduce their conversation together. Even though they're awkward being together, they seem to like to help each other.

Alexis Ryerson[]

Lily and Alexis are good friends, but don't share a very personal connection. Most of their relationship is based on joking around and being silly. Alexis cares for Lily, but isn't as close with her as Arria or Cat. The two will often pair up to prank Arria. Sometimes Alexis will call Lily her "comic relief random buddy."

Picora Hazard[]

Just like the other members of the arc, Hazard is one of the prank victims of Lily. He gets pranked often, so sometimes he tries to bust her and Cat in their act. Due to Lily's obsession towards sharp things, Lily seemes interested on Picora's scythe.

Allie McGrath[]

Lily and Allie hang out a lot and have an interesting relationship  Some say that they are guardians of each other. Some campers ship them together.




Cat/Human-Hybrid Powers[]

  • Lily has the ability to communicate with any animal in the cat family. However, to outsiders, it just sounds like she is meowing.
  •  Lily can run extremely fast. She gets this ability from being half-cat.
  • She can pinpoint the exact spot that a sound is happening within inches up to a yard or more away. Cats can also hear into the 65 kilohertz range of sound, whereas normal human hearing stops at the 20 kilohertz range. Additionally she can rotate each ear independently up to 180 degrees to help pinpoint the location of the sound, and they can react more quickly than your average guard dog once a sound is heard.
  • Lily has night vision.
  • She always lands on her feet.


  • She was a cat before the events of the Glitch
  • Lily's whole litter was killed during the Glitch, so she has no blood related family.
  • Sometimes Lily engages in cat-like activities, like grooming herself and purring, due to being a human-cat hybrid.
  • Lily has an strange fascination of sharp objects.
  • Lily's ability to communicate with cats is similar to Parseltounge in the Harry Potter series.
  • She could have hair/fur under her body, as told in The Wizard and the Frog.


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