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"Long Gone"
Season ???, episode 1
Airdate: ???
Story: OS
Written &
storyboarded by:
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Long Gone is presumably the last episode of Camp Solace. 


The World is back just like the way it was. Cities and Countries start growing in every side of the world, what will Camp Solace become after this?


(The episode begins with a view of snowy mountain. As the screen zooms on a certain hiker wearing a full robe trying to reach a certain place. Not long after, the hiker arrives infront of a big welcome sign that says Camp Solace. Then a flashback starts)

Travis: As you all know, we will start building more camps on every part of this earth starting tomorrow. We will split every members on each arcs into separate groups, so we can build new branches equally.

Johnny: (Now taller and more mature with slightly longer hair and burn marks all over his arms) So like Walmarts?

Lily: (Now with lion-like hair and long claws) How can you even remember walma-

Travis: (With louder voice) TOGETHER! We will form the earth into a better place so everyone can live just like before the great glitch happened!

(Every camp member cheers and suddenly Karen pulls Johnny and Lily from the crowds)

Lily: Hey Karen long time no see! Where are we goi-

Karen: Sshhh! Be quiet and follow me!

Lily: (Looking angry) If anyone can just let me finish my sentence, that'd be really great.

Johnny: Uh Lily I don't think it's the right time to turn into your lion form right now.


Karen: We're here!

(The bunch goes into a small shack, meeting with Arria, Picora, Allie, and Karl)

Johnny: WHOA what are you even guys doing here? I'm calling 911.

Karl: (Now has more cybernetic parts on his body) (Laughs) That's enough old world joke Johnny, we have an important thing to discuss.

Allie: (Wearing a witch robe and looking even more mature) Is this all? Are we forgetting someone?

Picora: (Now looking even more paler with thin goatee) Yes, this is all we got. Alexis is now the first arc leader of the camp's 5th Branch, Exus and Jase are working in the deep sea R&D branch, and the others are just too busy with tomorrow's briefing.

Allie: Okay I just left this place for like 2 years and everyone is already leaving.

Karen: (Now taller, looking more mature, with more rainbow hair extension) Well that doesn't matter because we all will leave this place starting tomorrow...

Johnny: Well that's not gonna be a problem right? Travis promised to us that we all will work on the same branch.

Picora: Welp, someone didn't get the note.

Johnny: What do you mean Casper the friendly ghost?

Arria: Okay so far, that's the lamest old world joke I've ever heard.

Karl: Anyways, I just got words from my intel that the arc leaders decided to separate all of us. We all will work on separate branches

Johnny: But I'm Parallelis arc leader! I don't know any of this!

Allie: Karen as the leader of Terteria arc didn't know about this either, it was decided by all of the first arc leaders of every branches.

Picora: This is ridiculous, can we get straight to the point?

Karen: It has been 5 years since I dragged you into this camp, and you still have this edgy attitude of yours?

Picora: Okay whoa I didn't mean to be... well you know, mean. I'm sorry Kar.

(Allie embraces Karen from the back and whispers to her)

Karen: Okay, I'm sorry if I got mad all of the sudden. It's just... what will we do now?

Lily: Spare me the baloneys, do you know where we all end up starting tomorrow?

Karl: Karen will work on the 6th branch of the camp as the first arc's leader on South Korea, Johnny will work as the second arc's leader on the Alexis's branch, Allie will continue in the revitalization team in Australia, Picora will be the second arc leader of the 9th branch near Turkey, Arria will stay here as the head of medical team in Shradivar arc, you, Lily will be the second arc's leader in the 7th branch on Egypt, Feron will go to the arctic to collect the alien samples from the huge battle a year ago, Oda will be the third arc's leader in 10th branch near Jamaica, and they will send me with the other cyborgs and robots into the moon, so we can terraform it.

Arria: None of us will leave closer to each other at all, I thought we can visit each other!

Lily: This is baloney! You must be lying!

Karen: Unfortunately he's not, his intel is actually Alexis who has been giving us infos behind the other arc leader's back.

Johnny: Maybe she just misheard the whole thing, I mean Travis hasn't told us anything right?

Picora: (Checks his phone) You all should check your phones, Tavis sent an announcement to our group chat.

Karen: That confirms everything now, we don't have much time for farewells and stuff!

Allie: Well you know what that means, EMERGENCY TRUTH OR TRUTH!

Johnny: Wait a sec, a what now?

Allie: Now that we all will live far away from each other, we should tell our own secrets to each other!

Picora: Is that even necessary? I mean it'd be better to have last adventure together or whatnot.

Arria: I like Allie's idea, it's about time we do that!

Karen: That saves more energy than going to adventures or anything, let's do it

Johnny: For once, I like Hazard's idea more

(Hazard nods and smugs)

Allie: Okay I'll start! Every weekend, I stole a can of soda from Johnny's fridge. I started doing that 2 months after I joined the camp.

Johnny: Wait wait wait, but you leave this place like every 2 weeks, how can you even steal my soda if you're not here?

Allie: Oh yeah I also can teleport now, don't tell anyone.

Johnny: That's an even more valuable secret than the former. Okay my turn, I started putting expired soda a month after someone starts stealing my soda.

Allie: No wonder it tastes bad sometimes, well played.

Arria: How are you even alive right now?

Karl: Okay I'd like to take my turn. Even though I'm 87.568% a robot, I can still fall in love with someone.

Lily: That's the secret I've been waiting! Who's the lucky girl?

Karl: (Speaks in incomprehensible robot warbling)

Lily: (gasp) You kiss your mother with that mouth??

Arria: Okay my turn! Back then I felt  like I didn't belong in the gang when Alexis's around, I feel like she was trying to replace me...

Picora: I don't think that is true, but glad you let it out of your heart.

Lily: Yeah! That's not true! Your turn now Hazard!

Picora: I honestly don't know what to tell you guys (laughs)

Arria: Because you have tons of secrets you haven't told any of us?​

Picora: Well yeah that, and several other reasons.

Lily: If Casper isn't going to tell anything, it's my turn now! (highfives Johnny) Okay this is a little bit embarassing, but Arria reminds me a lot of my lost sister.

Karen: That's... actually a little bit off character for you, Lily.

Arria: Aww come here you (hugs Lily)

Picora: Welp, I guess I do have something to tell.

(The group looks at Hazard menacingly)

Picora: (sighs) Okay I don't remember if I got the chance to say this back then, but I'm really thankful that you took me here Karen. All those years living alone, had been fixed by all you guys.

Johnny: Whoa Hazard breaks the record on the most unpredicted truth in the whole multiverse

Picora: Ugh shut the fu-

Karen: I guess I'm the only one left huh? Okay my turn now.

(Karen holds back her tear)

Karen: I uh... I.... I love you guys so much! (Starts crying)

Picora: That ain't really a secret.

(Arria, Allie, and Lily hugs Karen)

Lily: Ssshhh... don't ruin the moment now....

(Johnny shrugs to Hazard and joins the group hug)

Karl: (Joins the hug) Care to join us, Picora?

Picora: (exhales) Alright, come here y'all.

(The group hugs together and the camera pans out and fades to black)

(The screen shifts back to the hiker, arriving in front of the same shack then opens the shack)

????: (Removes the hood, revealing a much older looking Hazard going into the shack)

Picora: (Sits on one of the chair) Let's start anew, shall we?

(As the screen pans out the snow storm gets worse and closes the shack's door by the force of wind, the camera shows an abandoned Camp Solace from distance with big cities on a far background behind the mountains)

(The screen fades to black, and the credits roll)

[After Credits scene]

(Karen goes back into her cabin after the last meeting with all of her friends, suddenly Hazard calls her from behind)

Picora: Hey Kar, got a minute?

Karen: (wipes out her tears) Oh yeah sure, what's up Hazard?

Picora: Look, I'm really sorry I sounded so rude and mean in the shack. The truth is, you changed me a lot Kar. The edgy boy you knew back then? That's no longer me. You taught me how to care to each other, you taught me how wonderful this life is, and of course that all won't happen if you didn't bring me here. So for the second time, thank you very much.

Karen: (smiles) Glad I can help, Hazard.

Picora: I didn't sound so cheesy back then right? I didn't want to sound like I'm trying to confess to you, that'd be weird am I right? (laughs)

Karen: Honestly, I'd like that.

Picora: (blushes) Wait-wait-wait, what do you mean by that?

Karen: (laughs) See you around, Haz (walks back to her Cabin)

Picora: Heh, and I thought I'm the only one who changed.

(As Picora walks back the weather starts snowing and the screen fades to white as the snow covers the scene)


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