Adventure Time Friends Wiki
Name Miranda
Sex Female
Age 14
Species Humanoid
Occupation Camper


Despite being underweight, food is just perf to me

Miranda is a 14-year-old humanoid. She is an A- student from school, and was sent to Camp Solace from school. Her passion of life is food and chewing gum.


Miranda has fair skin, black silky straight hair, dark brown almost black eyes. She is slightly underweight, and is 80 lbs and is 5'6". She usually wears a grey tee with funny statements on it, blue black slim cut jeans, with sneaker-like-flat shoes.


Miranda has a sarcastic, funky, elaborate and kickbutt personality. She can be sneaky and a bit mean sometimes.


  • Able to get objects from another place by opening a small portal
  • Able to do weapon-use.


Back in the city, Miranda lived with her Grandma, who is one eye blind, has only 5 teeth, and only has 15 strands of hair sticking out of her head.

Miranda was a close friend of Cat's back in school. After Cat left due to bullying, she was devastated, but had other friends as well. Miranda had decent grades, but didn't have the best permanent records. She once made a murder plan with a few other students to kill the English teacher who everyone hates, but it didn't succeed and she was later discovered as the leader of this plan and was called to the principal's office. 

She is of Southeast Asian descent, and has a far relation from the Chinese and British.


  • Her design was based on Sadie Kane from The Kane Chronicles