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"Mixed Up!"
Short Number: 1
Airdate: July 31, 2013
Story: Beemo
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"Bling It On!"

 "Mixed Up!" is the first short of the first season in Camp Solace.


The group get body switched by a magical orb.


(The short starts off with everyone fighting yellow mutants in a maze-like dungeon. They fight off the monsters quickly and their attention goes to a mystical crystal ball in the center of the room.)

Johnny: Woah! Is that what I think it is?! (runs torwards the object, the others follow except Cat)

Kiri: (nervously speaking) Hey just a suggestion but uh... maybe we shouldn't touch that and go back home?

Hazard: Don't be such a baby. It's harmless.

Johnny: Yeah, c'mon scaredy-Cat. It's pretty awesome.

Lily: And it taste like corn!!

(The rest of the group motion for Cat to come and she hesitantly follows)

Alexis: What is this thing anyways? (taps the glass and it makes a clanking sound)

Arria: Who knows? Could be some weird witch-y junk (picks it up, tosses it in the air, and catches it)

Cat: Um.. maybe we shouldn't... (looks around as the rest of the group is playing catch with the orb) that.

(The crystal ball starts glowing and rises from the ground)

Ball: (speaks in a deep voice) Who disturbs my slumber?!

Johnny: I did not see that coming (whispers to Alexis)

Lily: Eww! I licked that! (makes a disgusted face)

(The group stares at the ball in awe)

Kiri: We're really sorry Mister... Ball. We'll just be leaving now hehe. (backs away slowly)

Ball: Halt! You must pay for your foolish friends' actions!

Johnny: (Jokingly) We don't have any money.

Alexis: Haha good one Johnny


Hazard: Woah, calm down man.

Ball: (screaming) That's it! Stop it, I'm warning you!

Arria: Or what? You'll ban us from bowling? 

(Johnny, Lily, Alexis, and Hazard laugh)

Ball: (explodes)

(everyone stares dumbfold)

Hazard: (in Alexis's voice) Well, that was weird.

(Johnny, Arria, Alexis, Cat, and Lily stare at Hazard)

Lily: (in Cat's voice) W-what did you say?

Hazard: (in Alexis's voice) Guys, I think the ball switched our bodies!

Johnny: (in Arria's voice) Woah

Kiri: (in Lily's voice) What the...

Alexis: (in Hazard's voice) Dang this isn't funny.

Lily: (in Cat's voice) What should we do? The ball exploded so we can't ask for it to turn us back! What if we get stuck like this forever?! (starts crying)

(Hazard who is actually Alexis hugs her)

Hazard: (in Alexis's voice) There, there. (pats Lily who is actually Cat's head)

(meanwhile in the distance Lily who is actually Cat is licking everything and Johnny who is actually Arria is trying to float)

(The ball's voice echoes through the dungeon and says "I pity you pathetic people so much that I'll reverse the spell at 12 in the morning")

Lily: (in Cat's voice) But why not now?

Ball's voice: Because I'm a jerk! Bye!

(The group stand in silence until Johnny breaks it)

Arria: (in Johnny's voice) Well I guess we should just head back to camp then.

(Everyone murmurs indistingushiably with things like "let's beat him up" and "this is an outrage" but then nods in agreement. Then there is a montage where the group is doing normal activities but having trouble adjusting to the bodies. The other campers stare and silently judge the group. A speaker mounted on one of the trees notify all the campers that it is lunch time and the scene cuts to all the arc 5 members having lunch together.)

Kiri: (in Lily's voice) Guys its 1:00 right now so we only have until like... um... A LITTLE BIT LESS TIME TO GO!

Hazard: (in Alexis's voice) Well that's a LONG time for me.

Alexis: (in Hazard's voice) And I have to go to the bathroom immidiately.

Hazard: (in Alexis's voice) DONT YOU DARE. HOLD IT IN!

(Everyone laughs and start to leave the dining commons)

Arria: (in Johnny's voice while walking) Well good luck everyone. May this day NEVER repeat itself.

Oda: (Appears out of nowhere) Hey! Why are you walking Arria?! I've never seen you NOT floating.

(Oda's group of friends agree murmur things like "so weird" and "yeah that's crazy")

Arria: (nervously speaking in Johnny's voice) Um... What are you talking about? I ALWAYS walk.

Feron: And her voice is weird too. Hey are you alright, Arria?

(Arria who is actually Johnny panics and starts speaking in a high pitched voice)

Arria: (in Johnny's high pitch voice) Um... Arria doesn't know what you are talking about! Gotta go!

(The group runs quickly and leaves Oda, Feron, and their friends behind)

Feron: Hey wait! Can we go with... you guys...

(Oda pats Ferons back)

Oda: There there, we have a tea party with Yeehaw to attend to.

(The scene cuts to the group behind a building panting)

Hazard: (in Alexis's voice) That was so close!

(Johnny who is actually Arria punches Arria who is actually Johnny on the shoulder)

Johnny: (in Arria's voice) I do NOT talk like that! Wait a minute... did I just punch myself?

Lily: (in Cat's voice) We need to be more careful! If people find out what happened to us... Well we'll be the laughing stock! It's already embarrassing enough that we got kicked out of our previous arcs. Lets try to keep this on the low alright?

(Everyone nods once and leave to do their normal activities again. The camera zooms in on a dark area near where the campers were and a faint outline of a person can be seen holding a video camera and wearing a camera around his neck. The red light on the video camera is flashing notifying the viewers that the group was being recorded.)

Unknown person: (laughs evilly)

(The scene cuts to around 11:00 where the gang meets up at the place where they had their sleepover in "No Sleep". They are chatting unrecognizable sentences and seem to be having a good time.)

Alexis: (in Hazard's voice) Well one more hour until this nightmare is over.

Johnny: (in Arria's voice) Yeah let's hope this hour goes by fast.

Kiri: (in Lily's voice) Well... It wasn't THAT bad.

Hazard: (in Alexis's voice) Easy for you to say Cat... I mean... Lily. You got the same kinda bod!

(Lily and Cat shrug and pull out matching apple juice boxes and start sipping them. Then the window shatters by a rock with a note stringed on it. Alexis who is actually Hazard picks it up.)


Alexis: (in Hazard's voice) Um... Bad news.

Lily: (in Cat's voice) Where? Let me see!

(Alexis who is actually Hazard hands Lily who is actually Cat the note. A picture of the note is shown and Cat reads the note out loud. It says "Come by Travis's office now, unless you want to be RUINED FOREVER!" in magazine letter clippings. Everyone suddenly runs to Travis's office and the camera zooms in on a clock on the wall that reads 11:45. The scene cuts to everyone bursting into Travis's office. The chair spins around and an unknown person is seems petting a mutant rock.)

Unknown person: I've been expecting you...

Hazard: (in Alexis's voice) CUT TO THE CHASE YOU... PINEAPPLE! WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Unknown person: I want... one MILLION dollars!

Arria: (in Johnny's voice) We're just kids! It's not like ANY one of us is going to be a millionaire overnight! (AN: Do you see the reference there, Flambo? wink wink)

Unknown person: Fine! I'll just tell everyone about your little secret. With one push of this button, I'll tell everyone in the camp radius!

Kiri: (in her own voice) No! STOP!

(Everyone looks dumbfound and the group slowly grin.)

Arria: Ha! We're back to normal now so you can't do a thing!

(The group cheers and high five each other)

Unknown man: Sorry to rain on your parade but... (He pulls out a DVD). I still have THIS recording of you freaks.

(The person puts the DVD in his laptop and then proceeds to upload it on DerpTube. Then dramatic music starts playing while the video is uploading. Alexis and Johnny run up to the laptop in slow motion. The uploading process is at 79%. Johnny removes the DVD from the laptop and smashes it on his leg. The unknown man says "NOOOOO" in slow motion. Then Alexis roundhouse kicks him in the face. Lily is chanting "YES! YES! BEAT HIM UP!" and Cat is closing her eyes with one hand is and sipping apple juice with the other. As the unknown man is flying to the wall he is shedding one tear from one eye. Then the slow motion stops and he hits the wall. Arria then pulls a pie out of nowhere and throws the pie at his face. The scene then resembles a street fighters screen and a video game narorator says "KNOCK OUT!" while the words "KO" is flashing in huge letters for 4 seconds. Lastly, this video plays and the episode ends.)


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