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"No Sleep"
Season 1, Episode 4
Airdate: June 9, 2013
Story: FA
Written &
storyboarded by:
"The Pink-Haired Devil"
"Dungeon Split"

No Sleep is the sixth episode in the first season of Camp Solace.


The gang has a staying-awake contest.


(The episode starts off in one of the cabins, late at night. Arria and Alexis are arguing about something, Cat and Lily are talking about potatoes, Hazard is in the corner writing something down, and Johnny is racing around the cabin outside.)

Lily: (sticking her head out the door) Hey Johnny! Come in here, you fiery butt.

(Johnny races around the corner of the cabin and comes stumbling through the door.)

Johnny: Guess I need to work on my landing, huh?

Alexis: You think?

Lily: Never mind that! Do you guys want to play a game? 

Arria: What kind of game?

Kiri: Sure! It's better than talking about potatoes all night long.

Lily: Okay, so here's how the game goes. Whoever stays awake the longest without falling asleep wins! If you fall asleep, you lose. The last person awake... (does a drum roll on the wall) gets some of my secret supply weapon stash! (has a devilish gleam in her eyes)

Hazard: A weapon stash, eh? I guess I'll join.

Johnny: I'm in too. 

Alexis: Eh, I guess.

Arria: I'm going to beat all of you! Vampires don't need sleep.

Kiri: Yay! I'm probably not going to win, but it'll be fun.

Alexis: How'd you get the weapons anyways?

Lily: Um... nowhere. Now, for the rules. No cheating, obviously. And you can drop out at any time, once you do though, you're out for good. This game could go on for like days depending on the players! (giggles) And we start... right now. Just do your normal stuff!

(Everyone goes back to their normal activities, Cat and Lily go back to talking to each other, Johnny along, with Arria and Alexis start playing cards, and Hazard watches them play.)

Kiri: (Starts yawning) What... time is it...?

Lily: About 11, ready to drop out?

Kiri: (giggles) ...No, I'm good. (starts yawning again)

(The scene starts to focus on Johnny, Arria, Alexis, and Hazard.)

Hazard: Come on Alexis. This is the fifth time you've lost!

Alexis: Shut up. And it isn't nice to point that out to a girl.

Hazard: And you aren't nice either. I did that because you're not nice.

Alexis:  I know I'm not nice, but I never say things like that.

Hazard: (ticked) Wanna fight? Ehh?

Arria: Okay guys that's... (yawns) ...enough...

Johnny: Heh, I thought vampires never sleep? 

Arria: What? I'm not... (yawns) ....sleepy... (starts to mumble gibberish)

Hazard: Looks like Arria and Cat are ready to hit the hay.

Alexis: Okay lets get going with the game again. I know I'll win this round.

Johnny: Keep hoping girl. Keep hoping.

(Another hour passes, and now Alexis is stifling her yawns as well.)

Alexis: I'm going to go to the bathroom.

Lily: But how will we know you aren't sleeping in the bathroom?

Arria: (yawning) Trust me, she snores loudly. We'll know. 

Alexis: I do not snore! (heads toward the bathroom at the back of the cabin)

Hazard: Make sure you don't sleep in there little piggy.

Alexis: I DO NOT SNO...(yawns) (goes into the bathroom)

Arria: Yeah right.

(Johnny lays on the floor and covers his eyes with his right arm.)

Johnny: (murmurs incoherently)

Kiri: (yawns) You... better not be asleep Johnny.

Hazard: We haven't even been up that long. How are you guys tired already?

Lily: Yeah! You people are lame.

(Alexis comes back from the bathroom, her face slightly wet.)

Johnny: Ugh...

Arria: Alexis, your face is wet. Did you fall in the toilet or something?

Alexis: Uh... no. That would be stupid.

Kiri: She probably splashed her face with water to wake up.

Johnny: Isn't that cheating?

Lily: (flipping through an upside-down lawn furniture magazine) It's not in the rules.

(There is a sudden rush to the bathroom as everyone tries to try Alexis's trick. Hazard, Johnny, and Lily stay behind.)

Hazard: Afraid of a little water, Johnny?

Johnny: If you're... (yawn) trying to tire me out by insulting me... that (yawn) won't work.

Lily: Ooh! How about we tell scary stories to keep us all awake? I'll go first. There once was a normal, nice, happy little boy... 

(About a half hour later,  Cat is hiding her face behind her hands, Alexis is looking bored, Hazard is trying to keep from laughing, Johnny is restlessly tapping his foot, and Arria is trying to keep from falling asleep by pinching her face.)

Lily: And his hand is still somewhere in the woods today... waiting for an unlucky camper to wander into the woods alone... (a rustling sound comes from Lily's direction)

Kiri: (screams at the top of her lungs) IT'S THE HAND!!!!

Johnny: Relax scaredy Cat, that was just Lily's sweater.

Kiri: (blushing) Oh...

Alexis: That story didn't help at all. Now I'm just bored.

Hazard: Same. Any of you guys want to hear a real scary story? This one's true, from the... other place I go. You guys ready?

(Another half hour later, Cat is shaking in her seat, Alexis is wide-awake, listening in rapt attention, Johnny is looking  at the floor, slightly creeped out, Lily is bouncing in her seat, and Arria has her hand over her mouth, but her eyes are fluttering open and shut.)

Hazard: And it's in the house, slowly decaying. The end. What do you guys think?

Kiri: Well... I don't think I'll ever be able to fall asleep again! (starts rocking back and forth in her seat)

Alexis: Could've been scarier.

Arria: (yawns) I... (lays down on the floor, and is asleep)

Lily: One down, five to go!

Hazard: So much for the vampires don't need to sleep.

Johnny: I'm going to die if I don't move around soon. (zooms out the door, and comes back two minutes later with an ice cream) I raided the kitchens.

Alexis: Why didn't you... (yawns)... get any for us?

Kiri: Sharing is caring!

Lily: (walks over to Johnny and licks his ice cream) Yummy! (Johnny looks disgustedly at Lily, but keeps eating the ice cream)

Hazard: Now I'm bored again. Entertain me, peasants.

Alexis: We should prank call Travis. (gets out a cell phone and starts dialing)

Kiri: But that... isn't that bad?

Johnny: Chill out. It's just funny.

Travis: (on the phone) Hello?

Alexis: (in a British accent) Well, well, well, if it isn't Mr. Travis. BUTTS BUTTS BUTTS BUTTS BUTTS BUTTS BUTTS.

Travis: Who is this?

Alexis: This is Arria Leviosa. GOODBYE. (hangs up)

Lily: Heh, butts.

Hazard: Well, that's one way you can prank call someone.

(Johnny yawns, and keeps eating his ice cream)

Kiri: I'm going outside for some fresh air. (opens the cabin door and walks out onto the porch)

(There is a disgruntled rustling and muffled talking heard from outside the open door.)

Kiri: (Shrieks and springs back inside) IT'S THE HAND!!! (cowers in the corner)

Hazard: Boo.

Kiri: That isn't funny!

(Alexis is laughing, and Johnny is trying not to crack up. Lily is polishing a knife in the corner and singing)

Lily: Knives, knives, beautiful knives, I keep you in my bed at night. Knives, knives, glorious knives, I will hold you super tight. Knives Knives, wonderful knives, I'll use you to stab someone until they see the light. (laughs creepily)

Johnny: (finishing his ice cream) Wonderful song... (yawns)... Lily. I think... I'm just going to lie down for a second... (closes his eyes, and his breathing gets heavier. In another minute he is fast asleep.)

Hazard: So long, Johnny. You're out of the competition.

Lily: Let's play truth or dare. I'll go first.

Kiri: Alright, truth or dare Lily?

Lily: Dare!

Kiri: Oh um, alright. I dare you to... lick your armpit.

(A very long tongue snakes out of Lily's mouth and goes into her sweater, licking her armpit.)

Hazard: Gross talent.

Alexis: Awesome! 

Lily: Okay, Cat, now your turn. Truth or dare?

Kiri: Okay, truth.

Lily: Where were you on the night of the murder?

Kiri: What murder?

Lily: I don't know, you tell me... JOE TRUMBLETON!

Hazard: What the heck Lily? Well let's see... Alexis, truth or dare.

Alexis: (smiling smugly) Dare.

Hazard: I dare you... (looks around) to kiss my cheek. (laughs evilly)

(Alexis, Cat, and Lily all stare at him.)

Alexis: Ew no! I'd rather die! (picks up a pillow and throws it at him)

Hazard: As if I'd let you, anyways. (yawns)

(Alexis walks away and sits on a bed, blushing and fuming.)

Kiri: Ooh, looks like someone is getting tired.

Hazard:  No... no I'm not. (tries to stifle a yawn)

Lily: Well, game over I guess. (pouts)

Alexis: I'm going to draw a mustache on Arria. (pulls a sharpie out of her pocket and walks over to Arria, drawing a curly mustache on her face)

Hazard: (sarcastically) You're... (yawn) such a good friend. 

Kiri: Now what?

Lily: (walks up behind Cat and grabs her hair) Oh no! It's the hand!

Kiri: (jumps up in the air and screams. She looks around and sees it was just Lily) Oh my glob! You scared me. (tears up a little bit) 

(Hazard yawns loudly, and sits down in a corner, his eyes closed.)

Alexis: (yawning) I hate that yawns are contagious.

Lily: Well, since we're the last three, I'll give you each one weapon of your choice when this is over. Alexis, what do you want?

Alexis: Hmm... (yawns) maybe... a sword?

Lily: Done. And you, Cat?

Kiri: Um, I don't like weapons. They hurt people.

Lily: Tell that to those trolls. I'll just pick out something for you that I think you'll like.

Kiri: Okay...

Alexis: (yawns loudly) I want food. (wanders over to where Arria has fallen asleep) (mumbling) Oops, the floor is occupied. (giggles)

Kiri: (turning to Lily) Is she making any sense to you?

Lily: She's clearly stating that the square root of oranges is lemon meringue pie.

(Alexis walks over to another empty bed, and lies down on it.)

Alexis: Goodbye, pancakes. (A couple minutes later she starts to snore.)

Kiri: Arria wasn't kidding, she really does snore.

Lily: Like a buffalo.

(Cat and Lily continue talking for another hour or so, Lily getting sleepier all the time.)

Lily: And the pineapple said to the coconut ... (falls over onto the ground, and curls up into a ball)

Kiri: (whispering) Yay! I win! (looks around to room at her sleeping friends, and sees that in the corner where Hazard was, there is only a decayed-looking hand.)

Kiri: (Yells) AH!!!! (faints)

(The hand is shown attached to the rest of Hazard's body, and he laughs.)

Hazard: No, I win.

(the episode ends)


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