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Picora's Cabin
Concept Art
Type Cabin
Ruler/Owner Picora Hazard
Location Camp Solace
Notable inhabitants Picora Hazard

Picora's Cabin is one of the cabins available in Camp Solace inhabited by Picora Hazard. It is a small bedroom, with a couch replacing a solemn bed. The Cabin itself is pretty empty with the size of 16 ft x 11 ft. Several paintings are located on the walls.

Before it was inhabitted by Hazard, the cabin was a small storing room used by Travis to keep some cleaning equipments and old properties. Hazard re-organized and tossed some of the properties and equipment after getting permission from Travis. Somehow, Hazard kept an old sofa for his sleeping bed and a small coffee chair.


  • The painting is available in concept art only.
    •  It's the painting of Halo of The Sun. A reference from Silent Hill Franchise.