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Season 1, episode 9
Airdate: August 2, 2013
Story: FTHG & Mia
Written &
storyboarded by:
FTHG & Mia
Episode List
"Airship Legion"

Psychique is the ninth episode of Camp Solace.


Picora Hazard, Alexis, and Arria meet a psychic by the name of Casy, that show them the past, present, and surprising future.


(The episode starts out in a grassy common area. Allie, Lily, Johnny, Alexis, Hazard, Arria, and Cat are sitting in a circle playing poker and talking.)

Arria: Did you guys know that there's a new counselor named Casy with psychic powers? She set up a fortune telling tent in the third arc. Who wants to go check it out with me?

Johnny: (turns over his cards to reveal a Flush and takes all the candy from the middle of the circle) It sounds like a bunch of baloney. Psychic powers aren't real.

Alexis: Well I think it sounds promising. And at any rate, they're more real than your girlfriend. (Johnny blushes and glares at her.)

Kiri: Seeing my future sounds kinda scary. I think I'll take a pass. I'm not sure if I want to know what's going to happen.

Arria: But I heard she can see into your past too.

Allie: But I already know what happened. Why would i want to see it again? (Johnny nods in agreement.)

Hazard: I don't know. Sometimes I forget the things I've done. Maybe this could help me.

(The group looks at Lily, who is building a house for a gummy bear out of her cards.)

Lily: I must stay here! Mr. Nummins can't stay homeless!

(Arria, Hazard, and Alexis get up and walk to the third arc. They pass Jase and some other campers metalworking, and a girl doing a self portrait before they come to a silvery tent with a sign on the front that reads "Open for readings.")

Alexis: It's kind of lame looking.

Arria: It's a camp! Everything can't be all fancy and elegant.

Hazard: I'm not going in first.

(Alexis turns her head to face Arria.)

Hazard: Just like what people say, ladies first.

Arria: Fine fine, I'll go in. (confidently strolls into the tent, and the flaps close behind her)

(Arria looks around the fairly large tent to see a white haired girl with white eyes stare at her.)

Arria: Um hello, are you Casy, that physic everyone is talking about? I hope you are. My friends are outside wanting a reading.

Casy: Yeah I am, um, sit down...I'll do the...thing.

Arria: Er, okay. (sits down in a plastic chair as Casy sits in another one across from it)

Casy: Okay, so, um, when I touch you I will see glimpses of your past and future. Um, they will appear through my's kinda hard to explain, but, um are you ready?

Arria: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Get the show on the road.

(Casy slowly picks up Arria's hand. Suddenly Casy's eyes widen and both Arria and Casy freeze. The screen changes to Arria as a child running through a field with her parents at her side through Casy's eyes.)

Arria: Oh, I see my parents. It's before the Glitch.

Casy: This seems, um, like a long time ago Arria...

Arria: Yeah, it's nice to see my parents again.

(The scene suddenly changes to a rainy landscape, Arria sees herself, but she looks much different. She is running from a blue looking face that looks very familiar. Suddenly Arria falls and hears a snap come from her arms, and she can’t move. The man with the blue face gets closer and bares his sharp teeth. Casy’s eyes go white again.)

Arria: Oh man, I don’t remember that.

Casy: That seemed very important and you don’t, um, remember it?

Arria: Yeah, it’s complicated.

Casy: So, you want to see your future? Most people don't, but um.

Arria: YES! No more of this depressing stuff.

Casy: Okay. But if you see anything that you shouldn't have seen don't go, um, around changing fate, alright?

Arria: I don't really get most of this physic stuff, so whatever.

(Casy reaches for Arria's hand again and she sees herself desperately flying to a cliff that seems to be far away from the camp. There is a hooded figure in the distance and a young girl about her age falling from the cliff. Arria pulls away fast and gets up from the seat.)

Arria: What was THAT? I saw a girl, I don't know who. And a cloaked man and...and...WHAT?

Casy: I'm not sure what that was, but remember. Don't go around, um, meddling with fate.

(Arria stares wide eyed at Casy and slowly flies out.)

Arria: Thanks, I guess Casy.

(Hazard is leaning against the tent, looking bored, and Alexis is excitedly looking at Arria.)

Alexis: So? How was it? That was over kinda fast. Is she like one of those fakes who tells you really cryptic things like “a dark stranger will walk into your life” or something?

Arria: (still with a dazed look on her face) No... she was... for real.

Alexis: You okay? You seem kind of off.

Hazard: See any promising things in the future? How your love life is going to be?

Arria: Yeah, something like that. (she giggles nervously)

Alexis:  (pushing Arria out of the way) Okay, whatever you say, weirdo. (ducks inside the tent and sits down in front of Casy)

Casy: (looking slightly startled) Oh, um, hi! I presume you must be one of Arria’s friends?

Alexis: Sure, friends, you could say that. So, are you gonna read my palms... or like do some crystal ball krunk?

Casy: Well, it’s more of um, a power. You should just give me your hand, and I can, well, see into your past or future. (She takes a hold of Alexis’s hand, and the scene changes to a slightly younger brown-haired Alexis sitting on a muddy curb in a city street. She is writing something down in her notebook and is frequently looking over her shoulder as if expecting something to creep up behind her. Her hair blows in the unseen wind and the younger Alexis shivers. A mutant rat-bird carrying a dead spider in its teeth scampers out of the alley and near Alexis. She shrieks, and it fades back to Casy holding Alexis’s hand.)

Alexis: Oh. That wasn’t that long ago. I was thinking it would be a memory of when I was a baby or something like that. (blinks hard)

Casy: It’s... er, different for everyone. I can’t really control what I see, just whether it’s forwards or backwards in time.

Alexis: Can I see my future?

Casy: Erm, well, I don’t think that’s a very good idea... (Alexis closes her hand tightly over Casy’s and a rocky looking cliff comes into view. Alexis is backed almost to the edge of it by a shadowy figure. She tries to punch him, but he grabs hold of her arms and jerks her back off the cliff. She freefalls for a few seconds, before current Alexis’s pale face is shown again. Casy winces.)

Alexis: What was that? I get pushed off a cliff by some psycho in my future? You’re obviously showing me something fake. (knocks Casy’s hand aside and storms out of the tent)

(Arria and Hazard are waiting for her outside.)

Arria: (seeing Alexis’s angry look) Did something happen?

Alexis: She’s a liar is what happened! (continues furiously walking away from the tent, and Arria runs off to follow her) Um... go in I guess, Hazard.

Hazard: (murmuring under his breath) Okay... (goes inside and sees Casy) You’re the psychic?

Casy: Um, uh huh, yeah.

Hazard: (sits down) I was wondering if maybe you could help show me your powers to me, help me kicking some memories.

Casy:  Well, I can’t control what we see, but I can try.... (Her eyes go dark and shows a young, dark haired boy standing in a massive downpour over a broad street. The boy kneels in front of a lying dark figure, and it is shown that the boy is looking down at the figure, presumably crying and yelling. After the short vision, Hazard pulls of his hand from Casy.)

(Outside the tent, Arria and Alexis are spying behind the curtain.)

Alexis: What was that?

Arria: I don't know... is that him?

Alexis: Well... I think it is him.

Arria: I think we should stop watching this, it's not as fun as I thought.

Alexis: Yeah... I was expecting his embarrassing toddler memory... let's go.

(Alexis and Arria walks away from the tent, and the screen goes back into the tent.)

Hazard: (Panting and stoned in silence) ...Please proceed....

Casy: Oh My. Are you, um, okay?

Hazard:  (snaps out) ....Oh, yeah, Never felt better. Instead of seeing my future, do you think you could show me something else after that happened?

Casy: (grabbing onto Hazard’s hand again) I can try.... (the room goes dark and we see a dark figure in a coat arguing with someone. The dark figure pushes the other person out of the way and we hear a scream. The episode ends.)


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  • This episode slot was originally going to be the slot for I, Robot. Until the development time took too long and the crew had to change the slot.
  • This the first episode where another arc leader is shown.


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