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Season 1, episode 10
Airdate: August 24, 2013
Story: SP & FTHG
Written &
storyboarded by:
OS, FTHG, HS, and FA
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 Senseless is the tenth episode in the Camp Solace series.


A genie comes to camp and tricks Allie into giving up all of her senses.


(The episode starts on the outside of Picora's cabin, where everyone is cleaning out unused camp equipment)

Kiri: We're almost done, keep up the spirit guys!

Alexis: Ugh, why do I have to clean up this mess?

Picora: To be honest, I'm okay with this stuff staying inside my cabin. It was Travis's command to get rid of this junk.

Arria: I thought you asked permission from Travis to get rid of it?

Alexis: You lied!

Picora: ...Okay, you got me.

(The screen focuses on Allie taking a box outside of the cabin)

Allie: Phew! Where should I put this box?

Cat: There's a small junkyard outside the camp, can you put it there?

Allie: (Giggles) Roger boss!

(Allie takes the box to the junkyard, and while putting it down an old lamp falls out)

Allie: Whoa, what's this?

(Allie blows the dust  off and a genie flies out of the lamp)

Genie: Oh dang... How long have I been there....?


Genie: Oh, hello there my master. Your wish is my command.

Allie: Wait I get a free wish??

Genie: 3 wishes, my master.

Allie: Yeah! I wish tha-

Genie: Whoa hold on there little gir- I mean... my master. There are consequences for your wishes.

Allie: Oh okay, what are they?

Genie: After you make one of your wishes, you can't use one of your senses for a while, probably 24 hours.

Allie: Whatever! I'll take the consequences

Genie: (Laughs) Your wish is my command.

Allie: ...Wait, what? I haven't even wished for anything ye-

(Allie suddenly can't move her body)

Genie: How predictable, you're so gullible, just like the rest of them)

(The Genie takes Allie's senses and flies away)

Genie: See you around, kid!

Allie: (inside her mind) WHAT HAPPENED?? WHERE AM I??

????: (in a British accent) Oy, 'ello. I'm Maxwell and-

Allie: I don't really care. Where am I though?? And why are you a talking fox?

Maxwell: PLEASE let me finish! You are in your mind, and I am your mind guardian. The genie just took your senses, meaning you can't see, hear, smell, taste, or touch anything, and you passed out. So you're practically a potato right now.

Allie: Haha, mind guardian...wait so I can't do ANYTHING? Can I get my sense stuff back?

Maxwell: No, you can't. And I don't know... geez you yell alot.

Allie: Well I'll be in the corner moping... (takes out a photo of a banana) my bananas...

Maxwell: Hold on, someone appears to have found you right now. I can sense it.

Allie: Sense-shmese, WHO IS IT??

(outside Allie's mind)

Jovan: Well, this just won't do. Are you okay, m'lady?

(inside her mind)

Maxwell: I DON'T KNOW. I'm a fox!


(back outside)

Jovan: Poor thing, she seems to still be passed out. (picks her up)

(The screen goes back to the outside of Picora's cabin in the evening)

Johnny: Where's Allie? It's almost been 3 hours!

Picora: I don't know, maybe someone abducted her?

Kiri: Aww I hope not...

(Jovan and Allie arrive at the cabin)

Jovan: Here you go, lady.

(screen goes back into Allie's mind)

Allie: Wait, I think its that driver guy. I can somehow sense him.

Maxwell: Hmm, possibly because you are...magic?

(goes back to Jovan)

Jovan: Oh I forgot you were unconcoius

Picora: Oy J.C! What are you doing here?

Jovan: Nothing, I was just helping this fine lady...

Cat and Alexis: Oh there you are Allie!

(Allie is silent and calm)

Picora: Uhh... Earth to Allie?

Jovan: Oh, so her name is Allie? She has fainted, and I found her with an old lamp.

Kiri: Oh no, what happened!?

(Allie wakes up from her mind)

Jovan: She's up now.

Allie: (Allie somehow detects Cat's presence) Cat? is that you?

Picora: A lamp, huh? Oh dang...

Cat: Oh dang? What do you mean?

Picora: That lamp had a genie in it. She takes people's senses for her own good. That's probably what happened.

Cat: So she can't do anything?

Picora: Pretty much.

Alexis: Oh wow, we need to call the others.

Kiri: Yeah, I'll tell Arria, Lily, and Johnny.

Picora: Sorry, but I'll pass on this mission.

Kiri: What?? Why?? This is basically your fault!

Picora: I... gotta do something. And what do you mean this is my fault??

Alexis: Oh come on. This is an urgent mission, and we need to help her quickly.

Kiri: I feel so bad for her...

Picora: Fine, I'll help a bit.

(Picora summons his scythe and forcefully takes off the blade)

Alexis: What the heck are you doing?

(After taking off the edge, the only thing remains is the scythe handle which resembles a cane)

Picora: (Gives the handle to Allie) I think you'll need this for awhile.

Allie: (Feels the handle's presence with her magic) Oh wow, a cane? Thanks whoever this is...

Alexis: I thought you loved that stupid thing.

Picora: That's the only thing I can do for now, I have another one in my room though. Besides, the lamp was in my cabin.

Alexis: I thought you were going to kill Allie... (gives him an uneasy look)

Picora: Hey you're one smart girl. But here's a little note for you, I have a HEART.

(Alexis runs to the other campers while Cat is helping Allie to get back to the Junkyard. Picora walks away to an unknown destination)

(Inside Allie's mind again)

Maxwell: We need to figure out a way to get your senses back.

Allie: (out loud) No duh!

(Outside, Cat hears Allie)

Kiri: Huh? Allie? Are you saying something? Who are you talking to?

Alexis: Weird, I thought she couldn't talk. 

Allie: (loudly) What? You can hear me? Eh! I'm uh... I mean what do I know? I'm a crazy paralyzed wizard! Don't listen to me! (she makes farting noises with her mouth)

(Cat stares blankly at Allie and giggles nervously, and continues helping her walk)

(The screen changes to Alexis, who breathlessly runs into the girls cabin, where Lily is braiding Arria's hair, and Johnny is playing a handheld game)

Arria: (looking up) Woah what's up? (she winces as Lily tugs on a piece of hair)

Alexis: (speaking very quickly) Allie opened up an evil lamp and a genie took all her senses away and now she's basically a giant useless lump and I guess we're supposed to help her or something.

Lily: (jumping up) Oh my gosh! Allie! (she sprints out the door)

Johnny: Where is she?

Alexis: I think Cat is helping her back to the dump, where the lamp is.

(Johnny nods and runs after Lily, and Alexis and Arria jog after them)

Allie: (using her magic to take in her surroundings) Hey... other people. I don't know who.

Arria: It's me, Johnny, Alexis, and Li --- (she  is cut off as Lily pounces on Allie and licks her. Allie is knocked to the ground)

Allie: Great, now I can't stand again.

(inside Allie's mind)

Maxwell: Would you stop the dillydallying? If you don't catch the genie soon you'll be like this forever!

Allie: (Out loud.) I know, I know!

Kiri: Allie, seroiusly who are you talking to!

Allie: (flapping her hand around) Nevermind that! We have to find that genie! Or something. We can't just stand here!

Arria: I can try and track the genie if you want. I can fly around and see if she's somewhere.

Lily: And if I get a good sniff of the lamp, so maybe I can find her!

Allie: Okay, Maxwell. That sounds like a nice idea!

Alexis: Maxw—who? Oh nevermind. I'll go with Cat to find Hazard. (She drags Cat by the arm to the direction he headed off in. Lily bends down on all fours and takes a sniff of the lamp, and runs off. Johnny shrugs and sprints after her, and Arria flies off)

(Back in Allie's mind zone)

Allie: Max!! What do I do once we find the genie? Or if we don't find the genie?

Maxwell: Honestly, I don't know. She could be one of those jerky genies that won't do it for anything. But what do I know? In my time, we didn't have these genies.

Allie: Genie-mcweenie, I JUST WANT MY SENSE THINGS BACK.

Maxwell: Well, I'm just a figment of your mind! I am not a god or something... besides, it looks like your friends are looking for the genie right now. 

(The screen then shows Arria, Lily and Johnny walking around in a circle without realizing it.)

Arria: Lily, I think we are walking in a circle.

Lily: I know my way around, poo-head! Just let me lead more.

Johnny: Wait, I think I hear something...

(The trio then discover the genie talking to the Soda Salesman.)

Genie: can have three wishes. Okay? No loopholes of any kind shall be perm- (Lily then tackles the Genie)

Lily: Your that genie! (Slaps the Genie with her claws.)

Genie: (Flailing around.) Im sorry! I can't give any refunds! If you need to talk about it, talk it with my boss! (Throws out the Boss's business card.) 

Johnny: (Grabs Lily off of the Genie.) Uh thanks...C'mon Lily, lets go find the boss. 

Arria: You too, Allie!

Allie: When I find this boss guy I'm gonna-(screen switches)

(Arria grabs the card, examines it, and puts it in her pocket. The trio then leaves, but before the screen switches, Lily body slams the Genie. The screen switches to the trio at the entrance of a dark cave.)

Arria: (Looks at the card, then at the cave.) This is the place.

Lily: C'mon! We need to get my girl's sense-things back! (Proceeds to run on all-fours into the cave.)

Allie:Awh Lily!

(Johnny then looks at Arria, then looks back at the cave, and then him and Arria walk into said cave.)

(The screen switches to them opening another door seeing a big, one-eyed, Spirit that talks in a booming voice.)


Lily: We ask for a refund! One of your genies made my friend sense-goned! 

Arria: Now give them back, or we will use force! 

(The trio then shows their claws, fire powers, and sharp vampire teeth.) 


(The Spirit babbles on and on, but Arria then sees a wierd ray coming out of the spirit from a room. She then floats into the room and in she finds Lord Bunterclurckborg!)

Lord Bunterclurckborg: And we have to hurt poo- (Sees Arria looking at him using a projector and a microphone, then runs dropping the items.)

Arria: Oh no you don't! (Floats towards the troll king, and punches him in the stomach.)

Lord Bunterclurckborg: Ow my belly! (Lays down holding his belly, while Arria carries him out.)

(The screen switches to the trio looking at the troll king, mad.)

Lord Bunterclurckborg: Okay, okay! I will call the genie to give the wizard lady's senses back! But we have to keep one of her senses, otherwise we'll go broke!

Allie: WHAT! Guys this is SO UNFAIR. Now I'll be stuck with a dumb fox...

Maxwell: Um, IM STILL HERE.

Arria: NO! Give them ALL back or you're DEAD.


Johnny: Arria, he's a giant troll. I think he could kill us more easily than we could kill him. (he points to a giant sword in the corner) And he has that thing.

Lord Bunterclurkborg: What he said!

Johnny: SHUT UP.

Arria: Ugh...But what about Allie??

Allie: I think I'll be fine...I mean, as long as I have the IMPORTANT senses.


Lord Bunterclurkborg: (Calls the genie on his cell phone from his robe.) Yes, give customer GHTF her senses back. Except for sense B, we can keep that for a $5 profit.

(The screen switches to the gang back at the Allie's Cabin watching Allie regain her senses in her bed.)

Allie:  (waking up) Guys...? Maxwell? Wait, I can feel! And taste! ew what did I eat And hear and TALK!

Lily: We got the senses back for you! (Jumps on her bed.)

Kiri: (With Alexis and Hazard on one side.) We, we didn't do much.

Allie:  Thanks guys! But...I can't see.

Arria: (nervously scratches her head) Yeah about that... we could only get four of your senses back.

Johnny: It was the best we could do.

Lily: Sorry! I can be your seeing-eye cat if you want. (she licks Allie's face)

Allie: No it's okay! Now I can be like this cool blind girl in a show I used to watch as a kid!

(Lily licks Allie's face again and the episode ends)


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