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Season 1, episode 12
Airdate: October 23, 2013
Story: FTHG & Mia
Written &
storyboarded by:
Mia & OS
Episode List
"Field Day, Part 1"

Singularity is the 12th episode of Camp Solace. It is the season finale for Season One. 


A mysterious time traveler wreaks havoc on the camp when he creates a black hole and sucks in the gang. Now they have to find an escape before it's too late.


(The episode begins with the gang all hanging out Kiri's cabin.)

Arria: If I was a vegetable, I would be a white radish.

Lily: White radishes are dumb, I would be a turnip. Turnips are way more awesome.

Johnny: What about a potato?

Arria: Shoosh no, potatos are laaaame.

(Suddenly, there is a loud smashing noise and screaming heard from a distance.)

Lily: (Hisses on all-fours.)

Kiri: Hey guys, did you hear that?

Alexis: It was probably just one of the guards crushing into the front gate again.

(The smashing happens again.)

Arria: Uhhhh yeah something's wrong.

Allie: I think we should check it out. I thought I heard screaming!

Hazard: Meh whatever.

Johnny: Let's check it, I have a bad feeling about this.

(They walk outside to find a giant black cloud over Travis's cabin and a dark hooded figure fighting with Travis wielding a sword. As some other campers are running away from the black cloud, some campers and guards though are unconsious. )

Travis: Dissideffor arc, I need help!

(Feron and Oda come over instead)

Alexis: Ugh, what's going on NOW?

Feron: Naw we got this Travi!

Oda: YEAH!

Picora: Whoa wait, who the heck is that?

Kiri: Let's help them!

Dark Hooded Figure: Pitiful. I don't think ten on one is so fair.

(The cloud grows larger and spins around creating a vaccum and starts to suck everyone in, Tavis grabs onto a tree near him)

Everyone except Feron: AHHHHHH!


Feron: Holy toledo Lily! Calm d- AHHHHHHH! (He gets sucked into the vortex.)

Johnny: Guys, we have to stop this thing.

Alexis: But how??

Lily: ATTACK THE HOODED MAN! (Points toward the hooded man.)

Picora: What? What the heck did I do?

Alexis: Not you, psycho.

Kiri: We need to think of a plan, wait Johnny make a torch or something I can't see a thing in here.

(Johnny makes some fire, it shows them floating in nothingness)

Lily: I can't see anything, ANYWHERE, NO ESCAPE. (Starts to freak out in the fetal position.)

Allie: Calm down Lily, have we ever failed a misson? No we haven't, and we won't start now.

(The gang see the hooded man in the distance, running from something and jumping into a portal)

Oda: THAT'S HIM! Quick I think he's making another portal!

(As the portal is closing, only Arria, Feron, Oda, Picora, and Alexis make it through before it closes oncemore, panel closes in on Cat.)

Kiri: For once Lily, I agree with you. WHAT NOW!?

Johnny: At least we still have my fire. 

(Johnny chuckles while everyone stares at him)

Johnny: What?

Allie: I may know a spell for this, let me check my spellbook. (Makes a spell book appear.)

Lily: Oh man, the blind girl is trying to read a book...this may take days. I wish I brought some food. (Drops out a bag filled with Cat Food.) Oh wait, I did! Ba-bum! (Presents the food to the others.)

Kiri: Cat food!? We can't eat this! 

Lily: But I can! (Drops down on all fours and starts eating the food.)

(Scene switches back to Arria, Feron, Oda, Picora, and Alexis as they all land on each other through the other side of the portal.)

Feron: What a brilliant idea Oda, follow the mysterious hooded guy into a portal that leads who knows where and leave some campers behind. Brilliant.

Oda: Sorry dude, it's just my instict.

Alexis: No time for apoligies, did anyone see where the hooded man went?

Arria: Beats me, that guy sure loves playing hide and seek, he's better than Picora too.

Picora: Very funny.

(Everyone stands up and looks around at the scenery. Which is just a flat plains of burnt, orange-reddish grass.)

Feron: (Tightens his gloves a bit tighter.) Where are we anyway?

Alexis: It's just a barren wasteland, but it's really hot.

Arria: Wait look over there, is that...a car?

Oda: I haven't seen a car in ages.

Picora: Guys I think I know where we are....

Alexis: We went back in time.

Picora: Wow, thanks for stealing my line.

Arria: Where did the hooded guy go, we need to find him!

Feron: I'm pretty sure he disapeared after he went through the portal.

Alexis: Woah, wait first of all WHAT did we just fall out of and WHERE is it...WHERE are we and HOW do we get back to the camp?

Picora: I have actually seen this before.

Alexis: You have?

Arria: Oh my, I remember.

Oda: Um, guys, please tell me!

Arria: We went to that physic arc leader a couple weeks ago, and I remember seeing the same guy who attacked the camp when I met with her.

Picora: Yeah, same. It's just...I saw something else too.

Feron: What was it?

Picora: She'll die later time. (Points at Alexis.)

(Everyone turns to Alexis in disbelief Alexis freezes.)

Feron: Try not to die Alexis. (Chuckles at the thought.)

(scene switches to Johnny, Cat, Allie, and Lily)

Allie: I found it! Some information on wormholes! Cat can you read it?

Kiri: Sure! "Wormholes are usually formed when one manipulating the geometry of space-time. Wormholes are produced by time lords, who are a certain type of dark wizard. The holes can only be closed or opened by a wizard of dark magic. The only way out of wormholes is by finding the other end, but wormholes are only temporary and when the wormhole is closing its exits, the matter inside the wormhole, will be trapped in the confines of space-time.".

Johnny: So you're saying that the hooded man is a wizard?

Kiri: Possibly, we have to find him to get out of this place. Or else we will be lost in space-time.


Allie: What is it Lily?

(An unknown silhoutte appears from the back of the group)

???: There's another way, missy.

Allie, Lily, and Cat: What!?

(The screen switches back to the other group.)

Arria: Come on Alexis, cheer up! 

Alexis: No it's just... I saw something similiar like what Hazard saw.

Feron: Girls, let's just focus on finding the hooded man okay? if we find him me and Oda will kick his butt so none of you will die.

Oda: I bet his butt is squishy to kick. (Makes a smug look.)

Arria: (Giggles.) Butts.

Picora: (Floats away.) Enough with that, I think I see something on that mountain.

Feron: What is it Haz?

Picora: It's him... he's doing something.

Arria: Well, tell us!

Picora: ....You may not like it.

(Another portal opens behind the group, an unknown silhoutte comes out of the portal)

???: This must be the place.

(The silhoutte shocks the group, and the other group appears from the same portal)

Kiri: We're safe!

Lily: I thought we're going to trapped there forever.

Oda: Cat! Lily! Johnny! Allie! I'm glad you all safe!

Feron: (Looks at the silhoutte) Who is that guy?

Kiri: He's the mountaineer guy that helped us back then.

Picora: Stribe.

Stribe: Hello Picora.

Alexis: You both know each other all along?

Picora: Long story, we don't have time for this. That hooded maniac is trying to escape with another portal.

Stribe: I could make another one for us.

Johnny: I think I got Hazard's point. This portal is.... kinda different.

(Suddenly, a giant portal like black hole opens up above the mountain.)

Lily: Let's get him!

(Everyone runs through the existing portal and find the hooded figure on a cliff just standing over the edge of yet another mountain)

Johnny: That's why the portal was different, it was because Mr. Hoodie was in this dimension...and he sure likes mountains...

Hooded Figure: I am The Evil Wizard of Nymph, call me as such mortal.

Lily:  HEY, don't have an attitude mister Wizard!

(Arria uses her abnormal speed to float behind the Hooded figure and catch him)

Arria: I got him! Allie, follow my voice and freeze him quick!

(Arria floats out of the way as Allie freezes the Hooded Man with her wand. Suddenly Johnny starts to unfreeze the Evil Wizard)

Feron: What the heck man! Who's side ARE you on?

Johnny: AHHH, he's controlling me and my fire powers! How??

Kiri: He's a wizard. Wizard's can do all sorts of stuff!

Alexis: I got this!

(Alexis takes out her bow and arrow that she keeps with her and shoots the Evil Wizard's hand through the center)


Picora: Nice going pinkie.

(Suddenly The Evil Wizard brings Alexis forward with his powers)

Evil Wizard: (Whispers) That is the first time someone has injured me, and it will be the last.

(The Wizards jerks his hand and Alexis goes flying off the cliff, screams following her)

Everyone: ALEXIS, NO!

(Feron runs over and Alexis is seen hanging on the edge of the cliff)

Feron: Quick! Grab on to my hand!

(The Evil Wizard turns around and pushes Feron off the cliff.

Everyone: FERON, NO!

(Alexis gets up from the edge of the cliff, takes one of her arrows, and stabs it into the Wizards heart. Johnny gains control of his arms and lights the Evil Wizard on fire. Picora comes around and pushes him off the cliff, still smoking. Oda runs to the cliff in tears)


(Everyone runs down the edge of the mountain carefully, to see Feron face down)

Oda: Feron! Speak to me bro!

(Feron opens his eyes slowly)

Kiri: Oh my Feron, I swear if you died--

Feron: Naw Cat, I'm too stubborn for that.

(Everyone chuckles a bit, Lily is seen crying a bit)

Lily: I wouldn't have anyone to give my fish treats anymore!

(Oda helps Feron up, but grabs his leg, Allie starts to wrap Feron's leg)

Johnny: Now we have to get back to the camp.

Piccora: I think I can help with that.

(Stribe appears again)

Arria: AHH, where did you come from?

Stribe: Don't mind that, we need to get you guys home. You all had quite an adventure.

(A portal opens that leads to the camp, the gang sees Travis frantically calling out their names. )

Travis: YOU GUYS. You all had me worried to death! I would be responsible for your deaths! And what would I say! Oh, nine kids sort of flew into a black hole created by a hooded man! I would be charged! ME! And why are you all dirty, and Feron what happened? Is that guy who wrecked my cabin defeated?

Kiri: Woah there Travis! We are fine, and yes I'm pretty sure we defeated that Evil Wizard.

Oda: And Feron here casually fell off a cliff, Allie thinks he broke his leg.

Alexis: Oh and uh thanks again Feron, for attempting to save me.

Feron: My pleasure Miss. Alexis.

Travis: Well it looks like you guys saved the camp! Well done. Well see you later, I have to I have to pay off 10,000 dollars in property damage!

(Travis walks towards his demolished cabin, crying.)

Lily: Oh no! I left my Cat Food in the portal!



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  • Feron saying "Holy toledo, Lily" after her saying "THIS IS THE END, WE ARE GOING TO DIE!" is a reference to an earlier episode of Camp Solace, You Are What You Eat.
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