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"Sphere of Fear"
Season ???, episode ???
Airdate: Unreleased
Story: Flambo
Written &
storyboarded by:
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Sphere of Fear is an unreleased episode going to be a Season 2 episode of Camp Solace; it would've been the first holiday episode of the series.


The magic orb returns and this time he captures three members of the group, traps them in an orb, and forces them to face their biggest fears.


(The episode begins with a view of a full moon and then slowly pans down into a forest, where we see a group of figures walking along a path. Suddenly, a group of crows fly across the screen and the scene is directly focused on the characters.)

(Arria and Johnny, using his torch hand, are at the front of the group, with Cat, Lily, and Alexis behind them, followed by Hazard in the rear.)

Alexis: So how much farther until we get to the cave, guys?

Johnny: Not far, but keep your eyes open for any hidden entrances or traps that might be sprawled throughout these woods.

Lily: I’m on it. I’ll just use my feline night vision.

(The camera switches to an up close view of Lily’s face, where her eyes resemble real life cats eyes, in a creepy way.)

Johnny: (A little bit awkwardly.) Ooooooookay. Now Arria, you fly up and see if you can spot any cave entrances or traps that might be hidden on the ground.

Arria: I’m on it. (Flies above the trees and starts searching the ground. Lily runs ahead to try and spot any traps herself.)

Johnny: Excellent. (Looks at his map he is holding.) It says the cave should be somewhere in this general area, but I don’t see any-

Arria and Lily: Found it!

Johnny: Where is it?

Arria: (Pointing.) It’s over there, located just behind that group of boulders. (The group heads in that direction, until Lily brings them over to a decent-sized opening in the ground.)

Lily: I sense something evil in there, and when I find it I’m gonna... (Changes tone to an excited one.) ...kill it! (Draws her knife and starts into the hole.)

Alexis: (Grabs Lily, holding her back.) Whoa, hold on there sis.

Hazard: You know she’s right. (Everyone jumps as they had forgotten he was back there.)

Kiri: What do you mean, exactly?

Hazard: I'm sure this place is inhabited. I better go first and check it out.

Johnny: I better come too. You’ll need my light.

Lily: And my cat vision!

Johnny: Actually Lily, you better stay out here and keep watch with Arria, Cat, and Alexis in case anyone tries to ambush us.

Lily: (Sighs.) Oh, okay then. (Is disappointed.)

Kiri: Actually, I better come too. You guys will need someone to get help in case of trouble. I got your back.

Alexis: No Cat, you should stay out here, I’ll be the one who can shout for help.

Hazard: How about we all go and get this over with?

Johnny: Whoa there, Hazard. (Thinks for a second.) Hm, okay I have an idea. Hazard and I will go first, with Alexis and Cat following a few yards behind us, in case of trouble, and Arria and Lily will stay out here and keep watch. Fair enough?

Arria: Sounds fine with me.

Kiri: (Thinks for a second.) Seems fair.

Johnny: Okay then let’s go.

(They descend into the cave.)






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