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The Glitch was a global wide catastrophe that occurred two years before the start of the series


The Glitch was an event caused by a malfunction in a machine meant to replenish the Earth's resources. While it worked, the machine was meant to unaffect humans and preservation sites, so when the machine glitched it either modified or made a lifeform disappear along with other unwanted changes to the planet. Some humans remained unaffected, (i.e Alexis Ryerson) but many were killed by the dangers of the new world or by vital organ loss caused by the machine.


Technology was advancing at fast rates but the planet couldn't keep up. Resources were extremely low and people were fighting over what was left. The world fell into war. In an effort to replenish the planet and return it to it's "factory settings", a syndicate of scientists created a machine that would do that.

Once the machine started up, it malfunctioned and mutated most of the population and plant life on Earth. Civilizations fell with only a few remaining, kids were left orphaned, and technology regressed to simpler times. The machine did work though and the Earth is in better shape but even it has been modified leaving a new and dangerous place to be explored.

Sometime later a young man named Travis Speck realized the world is to dangerous and created a camp for kids (mostly teens) to train to protect themselves and others from danger.

Little is known about places outside of Camp Solace.

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