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"The Pink-Haired Devil"
Season 1, episode 3
Airdate: June 4, 2013
Story: FTHG
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"Troll Battle"
"No Sleep"

The Pink-Haired Devil is the third episode in the first season of Camp Solace.


The campers go on their first mission outside camp, and find a girl with pink hair whom they think is being possessed, and try and exorcise her.


(The episode starts in Cat's cabin. The other members of her arc are circled around her, waiting for her news on her meeting with Travis.)

Kiri: Oh my glob! I can't believe it. Travis is letting us lead our first mission out of camp!

Johnny: Oooh, awesome! What are we doing? Killing some monsters?!? (punches his fist into his other hand)

Lily: (with an excited gleam in her eyes) Are we going weapon hunting?

Kiri: (slightly embarrassed) Well... no. It's a scouting mission. There have been rumors of a bunch of terrified people leaving this one village, and it's rumored to be haunted! Maybe we'll get to fight off a ghost! Travis said if we find a monster we can get rid of it how we see fit.

Hazard: Well, it's something better than sitting around here all day.

Arria: Do we get to bring any cool stuff? Like, do we get magic items?

Kiri: We can arm up at the armory, but that's it. It isn't a high ranking mission, which is sort of why we're being sent, and why we can't use anything special.

Lily: Okay, come on. Let's get weapons!!!

(The friends go arm themselves, then go to the front entrance of camp.)

Hazard: How are we even getting there, anyway? I don't think any of us know how to drive.

Kiri: There's a camp chauffeur, and Travis has a van ready for us

(The chauffeur opens the doors to the van and the campers get in. The scene cuts to about twenty minutes later, where the van pulls to a stop outside a shabby coul-de-sac)

Chauffeur: This is it. Good luck, and don't get killed. (He chuckles to himself, and Arria, Cat, Hazard, Lily, and Johnny get out of the van with weapons slung over their shoulders should they need them. Hazard has his scythe, Lily has her dagger, Cat has two new pencils, Arria has a sword, and Johnny again has his bow and arrows.)

Arria: So where are we supposed to go? This place looks pretty desolate.

Lily: (holding her dagger tightly and looking around) Do we get to kill anything yet?

Kiri: I don't know. Travis just said to look around, or maybe ask somebody why everyone's leaving. But it doesn't look like there's anyone here to answer that. So I guess we have to look for... well, something.

(Hazard and Arria both float around, looking for things, and Hazard phases through the walls of a few houses. Johnny runs around at supersonic speed trying to find something, and Lily sniffs the air with her cat-like senses. Cat takes out her sketchpad and draws herself a magnifying glass, and begins searching around with it.)

Kiri: (looking at a rock with a magnifying glass) Any of you find anything?

Hazard: (comes drifting over) There's a girl writing in a notebook out back behind that blue house over there. (gestures toward it) She looks... well, not terribly evil, so maybe we can ask her what's going on.

(Cat gestures for the other campers to come over towards her.)

Kiri: I'll go talk to her first, so she isn't like bombarded or anything. I'll say "Cheesecake" if I need help, or, obviously, you'd hear screaming... (laughs nervously, walks over to the blue house, and crosses the unfenced lawn into the backyard. A short girl with pink hair is sitting on the porch steps, doodling symbols into a book. Cat walks over to her.)

Kiri: Hi.

(The girl spins around, dropping her notebook. She bares her teeth and hisses.)

Girl: Who are you? And why are you bothering me? This is the first time I've gotten it to be quiet in months, and here you go, ruining it. (glares at Cat, clutching her pencil tightly)

Kiri: (trying her best to look gentle and innocent) Um, hi. I'm from Camp Solace. It's about twenty minutes southeast of here. My camp director sent me here because there have reports about people leaving. Do you anything about that?

Girl: (still glaring) Leaving you say? (smirks) I made them leave. Is it so much to ask for quiet? 

Kiri: You made them leave? H-how? 

Girl: Like this. (contorts her face into a horribly grotesque one, and starts screaming her throat raw)

Kiri: (nervously laughing with a horrified expression on her face) Y-you know what would b-be good right about now? How about some CHEESECAKE? 

(The girl looks confused and kind of disappointed.)

Girl: I didn't make you leave? And what do you mean, cheesecake?

(Arria and Hazard come floating over, and Johnny sprints over. Lily is the last to arrive, running at normal speed.)

Lily: Hey! I'm Lily, and this is Johnny, Hazard, and Arria. We're here on a secret mission to kill you! (draws her dagger) Yayyyy!!!! (Hazard, Arria, and Johnny all glare at Lily. The girl just stares at her.)

Girl: Kill me, huh? Well good luck with that. (rolls her eyes back into her head and starts screaming, drawing a sword from behind her back)

Johnny: How can she see..?

Arria: Oh what the... 

Lily: Hmm. Maybe she's being possessed by an evil demon!

(Hazard smirks, but Johnny, Arria, and Cat all look interested. The girl keeps screaming.)

Hazard: Nah, I just think she's weird. (The others ignore him.)

Kiri: You really think she's being possessed?

Arria: Maybe we should try and exorcise her.

Johnny: Um, but does anyone know how to actually do that?

Lily: Maybe we can scare the demons out of her by throwing a rock at her!(picks up a rock)

Rock: (reveals eyes and a mouth) Oh dang. (throws itself out of her hands and rolls away)

Hazard: Well what do you know, mutant rocks.

(Lily picks up another rock and chucks it at the girl. It hits her arm. The girl stops screaming.)

Girl: Ow! What did you do that for? (glares at Lily in a somewhat scary way)

Lily: (loudly whispers) See! I broke her out of a demonic trance. 

Girl: What?!? (storms away and out of sight)

Kiri: What are we going to do?

Johnny: What if we try a seance?

Arria: Isn't that for a ghost?

Lily: This is boring. How about we just kill her?

Kiri: What if we like, poured holy water on her?

Arria: As a half-vampire, that doesn't actually work.

Johnny: But it might work for a demon. 

Kiri: Where would we even get a bunch of holy water anyway though?

Lily: Maybe we could make some?

Hazard: Right, because first of all, she actually is being possessed by a demon, and second of all, any of us can do that.

Johnny: So would it be cold water or hot water? Or regular temperature water.

Arria: How about we try all three?

Lily: I'll go get cold water. I smell a stream not too far from here.

Kiri: I can just draw us three glasses of water, and Johnny could heat up one. I'll draw the other one with ice inside of it to make it cold. I don't have my sketchpad, but the girl left her book or whatever out. (goes over to pick up the book)

Lily: (Grabbing the book from Cat) It's all filled with demonic symbols and stuff!

Arria: Lily, that's English. You're holding it up-side-down.

Lily: (Flipping it over) Should we read what it says? It could help us figure out what's going on and how to get rid of the demon.

Kiri: (Taking the book back) That's invading her personal privacy though. (frowns, torn between being respectful and carrying out the mission) Let's just try the water. If that doesn't work, then we can read it.

Hazard: Or we can just read it to see how crazy she is.

(Cat ignores him, flips the page, and draws three glasses of water. After a minute, the page shimmers, and the glasses appear on the ground next to her. Cat picks up one and gives it to Johnny to heat up, then puts down the book and holds the other two, one with ice and one room-temperature. Johnny takes the glass and holds it in his hands, which are glowing red hot. Soon the water starts to boil.)

Arria: Alright. Which one should we try first?

Johnny: Well first, we need to make them holy.

Lily: Ooh! I can do that. (runs over to the glasses Cat is holding, and waves her palms over the tops) Abracadabra! Open sesame! Voodoo woodoo magic! Lalalalelelelelooo, fee fi fee fo fum! I TURN YOU INTO HOLY WATER! (brushes her hands together) There. Now they should be holy.

Hazard: Because that is so legit. Help me, my inner demons are dying! (pretends to faint)

Kiri: Well I think it'll work. If you have a pure intention, everything will come out in your favor.

Hazard: Lily's intention is to murder the girl, not that I disagree. (he laughs, and Cat swats him on the head.)

Kiri: You just want to help, right Lily?

Lily: Yeah, oh, um, sure.

Hazard: Just ignore what she's been saying all day: How about we kill her? (Cat swats him on the head again, but this time her hand passes through. Hazard laughs.) Spectre powers.

Johnny: Come on you guys, let's just go dump all the water on her at once. I'll take the hot water, Cat you take the room temperature water, and Lily you take the cold water.

Arria: What about me? I told you, holy water doesn't hurt me.

Johnny: It doesn't matter! Let's go kill... er... exorcise a demon. 

(The group walks towards the front of the house, where the girl is sitting on the banister, angrily muttering to herself. One by one, Cat, Lily, and Johnny all sneak up behind her. She is too lost in muttering to hear them. Cat uses her fingers to count down from three, and at one, they all spring out and dump the water on her head.)

Girl: Ahh! What the heck! I'm hot and cold and wet! I'm going to kill you for that. And where's my journal?

Hazard: See, I told you we should've read it.

Johnny: Does she seem cured?

Girl: Cured of what?

Lily: Cured of being possessed by a demon. But if you're not, we get to kill you! (holds up her dagger)

Girl: Seriously, what the heck?! What demon?

Lily: (nodding) Exactly what a demon would say.

Johnny: We should give her a chance to talk.

Girl: I'm right here. Stop acting like I'm not.

Hazard: Fine, little girl. Are you being possessed by a demon or not?

Girl: First of all, I'm not little. (glares up at Hazard, who is significantly taller than her) Second of all, WHAT?

Lily: (loudly whispering) Psst. Let's kill her now!

Kiri: Look, um... I'm sorry, I don't know your name. But we have a camp, and our director just sent us here to investigate on why people were leaving, and we're really sorry for bothering you. And this was our first mission, and we just wanted to prove ourselves... (looks down and puts her hands in her pockets)

Girl: (Still glaring at all of them) I. Don't. Care. Go away. Obviously my act didn't scare you like it did everyone else, so leave before I have to use this on you. (brandishes her sword)

Arria: Drop the act, girly. We get it, you scared a bunch of people off to have your "peace and quiet" and we ruined it. Great. Seriously, what is going on? We need to know. Then we'll leave you alone. Forever. (flies over to the girl and bares her fangs at her)

Girl: Alright alright. I'm Alexis. Yeah, I scared all the people off by pretending to be some sort of demon chic or whatever; I wanted to be alone. What else do you want to know?! (crosses her arms)

Lily: Aww. She isn't a demon. (pouts)

Kiri: (handing Alexis the journal) Here's your journal back. Um... that's pretty much it.

Johnny: Thanks for, you know, not killing us or whatever.

Arria: And stop scaring off the locals. It isn't very cool of you. (frowns)

Alexis: Well, I wanted to be alone. And now the annoying people will come back. Grrrreat. (puffs a lock of pink hair out of her eyes, clutching her journal to her chest)

Hazard: Yeah, well, have a lovely life. (turns to leave)

Kiri: You could come back to camp with us, if you promise to stop scaring everyone. (smiles)

Alexis: And why should I do that?

Lily: It's fun! There's weapons!

Arria: Just come back with us. You can leave at any time.

Johnny: We do need more people in our arc, which is like a group.

Hazard: I thought you guys already had me. Why do we need her?

Alexis: (laughing) I'll come, if only to annoy that guy. (jerks her thumb towards Hazard)

Kiri: Hooray!

(Later, back at camp, Cat is leading Alexis towards her cabin. Alexis has a backpack on.)

Kiri: You can bunk with me and Arria. Lily has an empty cabin, but she's holding out on a limb that this girl Allie will be kicked out of Terteria, the third arc, and join ours, so she can room with her.

(Cat opens the door, and she and Alexis walk inside.)

Kiri: You can have any bed you like that isn't taken. That's mine over there. (points at a colorful bed with a purple sheet on the right side of the room) Arria usually sleeps under the beds or on the roof.

(Alexis flops down on a bed in the middle of the room, and pulls out a black blanket from her backpack. Arria sneaks out from under her bed, and hisses in Alexis's ear.)

Alexis: (hitting Arria on the head with the blanket) AGH! What was that for?

Arria: (giggling) Welcome to the fifth arc!

(The episode ends)


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  • The promo art is a reference to the movie poster of the 1973 flim, The Exorcist.
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