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The Vampire and The Dame
Artist Alexis Ryerson & Arria Leviosa
Beemo (as prototype)
Type Other
Runtime 35 Seconds

The Vampire and the Dame is a song sung by Alexis Ryerson and Arria Leviosa in upcoming episode. It was written by Beemo and sung by herself  (as a protoype).


You're a bit crazy,
But I kinda like that in a girl.
I love your pink hair
And the way you make my head spin in a world.
And as the world spins 'round and around,
I'm so glad that you're here safe and sound
(Ukulele Solo) (Clap 3x)
Oh pretty baby,
From the twinkles of your eyes to your sweet cheeks.
I was thinkin' maybe,
We could go out for an ice-cream treat.
And although I act kinda ruuuuude,
It doesn't mean that I hate you~