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"The Wizard and the Frog"
Season 1, Episode 7
Airdate: July 3, 2013
Story: Beemo
Written &
storyboarded by:
"You Are What You Eat"
"Airship Legion"

The Wizard and the Frog is the seventh episode for Camp Solace.


A young wizard comes to the camp and turns Johnny into a frog. He must get a kiss in order to turn back to normal.


(The scene starts off at camp, with everyone getting ready to play fancy mini golf. Meanwhile, Lily and Johnny are sitting on a tree branch.)

Lily: You better not burn the tree.

Johnny: No way! I'll get my suit burned.

Lily: (mocking in high pitch) I'll get my precious suit burned.

Johnny: Just you wait when I'll kick your furry butt in mini golf!

Lily: (sharpening knife) Well...just you wait when I kick your bananas! Or something...

Johnny: (thinking) Bananas...magic bananas!

Lily: What?

Johnny: (falls out of tree) Whoa!

Lily: HAHAHA!! Oh wait-are you okay?

Johnny: Yeah...oh cool! I actually found some bananas!

Lily: Banananananananananas!

Johnny: (peels one and eats it) They taste pretty good.

Alexis: HEY GUYS! We're starting! You coming?

Lily: YUP YUP! (runs off)

Johnny: Hey, wait up! (something grabs his ankle) Eh?

Girl: What are YOU doing?!?

Johnny: Um, walking? Breathing? Living?

Girl: You ate my bananas! (giggles) Oh wow that sounded wrong.

Johnny: Well, they were just laying on the ground...

Girl: But you still ate them!

Johnny: Look, I'm sorry, but I really have to go and your sweaty hands are making a stain my pants-

Girl: Hey, how about you shut up? Those bananas were cursed anyway...

Johnny: (suddenly is a frog) Wait what (ribbits) Oh man.

Girl: Haha! Serves you right. (goes away)

Johnny:  Hey! HEY! How do I turn back to normal?? (ribbits) Ughhhh...

Lily: JOHNNY! Where ARE YOOUUUU? (looks down) a froggie!

Johnny: Lily! Thank goodness you're here. It's me, Johnny!

Lily: EEK! A talking froggie wearing a suit that ate Johnny!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! (runs away)

Johnny: NO! DONT GO! (hops and creates fire) Well, I CAN hop and still use my powers...

(Back at camp, Lily is explaining to Cat, Hazard, Arria, and Alexis what she saw.)

Lily: And there was a talking frog wearing a suit! And it kept saying that it was Johnny for some reason! It was soooo freaky guys. I would've killed it, but I didn't have my knife with me.

Arria: Lily, maybe the frog WAS Johnny.

Lily: What? No, Johnny isn't a frog though.

Kiri: Uh...he got turned into a frog or something? I don't know, just a guess.

Hazard: I know this fancy recipe about fried frog. Maybe we should kill it.

Johnny: (hops out of trees) What?!

Lily: THERE IT IS!!! Kill it!

Johnny: NO DON'T!!! (ribbits)

Alexis: Lily! That's Johnny!

Johnny: Yes! It's me! (uses fire) See?

Lily: Oooohhhhhhhhhh. Okay.

Hazard: How did you get turned into a frog?

Johnny: I ate a cursed banana-no wait, MAGIC bananas! (ba-dum, ta!) Then this weirdo girl said they were hers and she put a spell on them or something...

Lily: Awww I wanna be a

Kiri: Umm so we should find her and ask her how to turn you back?

Johnny: She ran off when I asked though.

Arria: Um, so lets FIND her!

Johnny hops over to the tree where the girl was.

Alexis: So she was here?

Johnny: Yep.

Hazard: Nobody's here. I can sense it


Hazard: Go drown yourself.

Johnny: GUYS PLEASE! Frog here? Trying to find wizard girl?

Kiri: Right guys! she was here-

Girl: (appears out of nowhere) (giggles) Nice suit, Mr. Froggie.

Kiri: *squeals*

Johnny: THAT'S HER!

Lily: GET HER! (pounces and breaks the screen) Darn it.

Allie: I'm gonna try to help you! By the way, the names ALLIE. Allie McGrath, respectively.

Johnny: HELP me?? YOU DID THIS!

Allie: So. As I was saying, he needs a KISS to turn back to normal.

Alexis: A kiss? And we're going to believe you because?

Kiri: C'mon guys! Let's try a kiss just in case. Cause' ya' know... I don't know...

Everyone stares at Kiri

Johnny: A kiss, eh?

Lily: (nods to Arria)

Arria: WHAT!

Allie: Nooooo he needs one from his true love.

Lily: (nods to Hazard)

Hazard: Ya' know what, Lily?

Kiri: Guess it's not your day, Hazard (giggles).

Alexis: It's you, Lily.


Johnny: But Lilyyyyyy.

Lily: Aw fine.

(Lily somewhat struggles and disgusted to kiss him but does it)

Kiri: Ewww.

(Johnny suddenly turns back)

Johnny: Yessss.

Allie: Hmmm, you guys are pretty brave. I'm joining your camp!

Alexis: What?? You just turned Johnny into a frog!

Allie: I was just protecting my bananas.

Johnny: Magic bananas!!!

Kiri: (giggles) Welcome to our camp Allie! Let me ask Travis first for your confirmation

Allie: Yay! Thanks!

Hazard: You know McGrath, you're a pretty skilled magician. You should pull of that trick again on someone lat-

(Everyone stares at Hazard)

Alexis: No.

Johnny: Have you seen enough already?

Allie: (giggles) Maybe I'll pull another trick on you, Mr. Hoodie

Kiri: That would be fun!

(episode ends)


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  • This is the first episode to break the forth wall in the series.
  • The name is a reference to the novel, "The Princess and the Frog."


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