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All hail Feron!

Hey guys, I'm YS! I've been around since June 2013, and am ranked Admin on this wiki. I am currently a Camp ATF idea thinker-upper, and hopefully soon to be an artist! I hope you enjoy our series, and feel free to contact me for anything you may need!

About Me[]

First, you should know my best friend is this guy. ---> Oda

His never-ending awesome astounds me.

I enjoy biking, parkour, sparring, anime, video games, adventuring, music, and graphic design!

I am currently attending AMAT, the Academy of Media Arts and Technology, and I hope this will enhance my skill level for the series.

Meet the whole gang!

[Insert working MPC template here]

My Other Bffsies (on this Wiki)[]


Beemo: Waifu, amazing artist and friend, tsundere

FTHG: Sis, fantastic episode writer, inside jokes

27: Sis, impressive art and thighs

OS: Bro, wise and mysterious, rival material

HS: Sis, creative artist, another food username

FA: Bro, good ideas and art, adorbs (no homo)

SP: Sis, homestuck fan, sweet person

Flambro: Bro (duh), asset, rad dude

Irl Bffsies[]

Sloth: Kinda dumb

Defends sickles to the death

PS: Best housewife and supportive friend

We're mean because we love you

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