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"You Are What You Eat"
Season 1, Episode 6
Airdate: July 3, 2013
Story: FTHG, FA
Written &
storyboarded by:
FA, Mia, YS, & HS
"Dungeon Split"
"The Wizard and the Frog"

"You Are What You Eat" is the sixth episode of Camp Solace.


A cannibal disguised as a motivational speaker comes to Camp Solace, and convinces the gang to split up and become free-roaming adventurers so that he can eat them one by one.


(The episode starts off in morning where the Dissideffor are starting to wake up to a crowd of campers standing at the entrance of Arc 5.)

Johnny: What the bananas is going on here?

Kiri: Seems everyone is going to see a guy named "Chad Thompson".

Jenna: Yes! He is one of the most greatest motivational speakers ever! 

Hazard: There's something skeptical about that guy.

Jenna: Really? He is a really awesome speaker! I bought all of his DVDs!

Alexis: Well if he's that "awesome" let's go over there.

Arria: (Groans.) There are too many people! (She then makes her way through the crowd by floating.)

Chad: ...with all the cause, and that working with your own age group is more effective, this is why we need to split up the arcs.

(The crowd simultaneously gasps.)

Alexis: WHAT? This is ridiculous, does Travis approve of this?

Travis: Everyone gather your things and we will start the process of moving everyone to newly assigned cabins by age.

Lily: THE END IS NEAR, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!! (Lily starts running around in circles and bumps into Feron.)

Feron: Holy toledo! You should settle down, Lily!

Lily: How can I? We are all going to be separated...

Kiri: I won't let that happen, let's find a way to fix this. Come on guys.

(When they walk off Feron is still there.)

Feron: Guys...? Can I go on missions with you now?

(The camera focuses on Chad's face, revealing a creepy grin and the mouth biting chimichanga.)

(A couple minutes later Dissineffor arc is packing their stuff angrily while saying their goodbyes.)

Johnny: This is stupid! Why do we have to leave because of this guy?? And WHY does Travis approve? Travis spent years creating these arcs! (He throws his shirt in a bag.)

Lily: It's okay Johnny, I could always kill him! 

Alexis: I actually approve of this.

Hazard: That would just get us kicked out guys, let's be logical.

Kiri: We need a plan, or a way to get rid of him.

Arria: (She floats over to Cat.) Why would someone just come here and take charge, he must have a plan of some sort, maybe he wants to control the camp and take over Travis´s place. Maybe he is EVIL!

Kiri: Arria has a point...we could get some information about this guy and prove that he's evil!

Hazard: And if he isn't evil?

Alexis: We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

(Everyone hears a bang and then a rustle in the bushes outside Johnny's cabin)

Johnny: What was that?

Lily: I got my knife...I'm gonna kill it!

(Johnny, Cat and Lily run to the door and Piccora and Arria fly out the window)

Kiri: Who goes there! Lily has a knife...and she knows how to use it!

Lily: Ya know I do.

(A familiar laugh comes out from the bushes, and the person it belongs to comes out.)

Johnny: It's you!

Chad: Oh hello, what are you doing here?

Johnny: I don't know, what are you doing out here?

Chad: Just admiring the beauty of your camp, its a shame that I have to go on such short time, but I got to "rectify" other peoples lives.

Cat: Rectify!? You are just making our lives more miserable!

Chad: Cat um, isn't it? I know you don't agree with it now, but in due time you will be grateful with this notion.

Kiri: No! I won't be loving this idea ever! This arc means a lot to me, and you just come and try to split up with your "message".

Chad: Well, I have to pack. I'll meet you soon. (He then disappears into the Bushes.)

Kiri: Gah! I hate that guy!

Lily: There is always the killing part...

Kiri: Wait, Lily. Maybe we could spy on him?

Johnny: I could second that.

Lily: Well, okay. 

Kiri: Lets go tell the others.

(The screen pans to the whole gang spying on Chad through the Bushes.)

(Chad goes into his stagecoach, and he is packing his things.)

Lily: (Behind on Alexis's back.) What do you see! Tell me! (Keeps on bugging her.)

Alexis: (Pushes Lily.) Will you stop that? He is just going into his stagecoach.

Arria: Let's follow him!

Kiri: I don't think we will be able to catch up though. (She then sees a wooden cart, and then looks at Lily.) 

(The screen then switches to the gang on the cart and Lily who is on all fours and has reins on her.)

Kiri: (Has the reins.) Go my steed! Hyaahh! (Whips Lily with the reins, and they are off.)

(The cart makes it neck and neck with the stagecoach.)

Alexis: (Banging on the window.) Hey you! You better stop what your doing! (She keeps on banging on the stagecoach window breaks open and she falls in.)

Arria: Alex!

(Alexis then comes back out, but sadly she ends up hitting face-first on the road holding a chimichanga.)

Kiri: Lily! Turn back! (She then whips Lily again to turn around and which they do.)

(Then their cart grinds to a halt near Alexis.)

Arria: (Slaps Alexis.) Alex! Are you okay!? 

Alexis: Ugh... yes I am. But luckily I have this! (Holds up the chimichanga.)

Johnny: Ew. Why did you get his lunch?

Alexis: It is what the chimichanga is made of. 

Hazard: (He then smells it.) Interesting, it smells like blood. Human blood, not the normal other meat kind.

Johnny: Well, that must mean he is a cannibal!

Kiri: That could be true.

Arria: Well, what are we still standing here for? Let's go!

Kiri: We can't. The cart is busted. (She points to the damaged cart.)

Johnny: I have an idea. (He then points to a Soda Salesman and his cart.)

(Johnny then slams some money onto the salesman's counter.)

Johnny: Give me your most caffinated and most sugar-hyped drink!

Salesman: (Pulls out a tall, black can.) This is my own "homemade" soda. It is guanteed to get you hyped up.

Johnny: (Groans) Just lay it on me. 

(The Salesman gives him the soda. To which Johnny walks towards Lily.)

Hazard: I don't know if this is safe. Have you seen Lily?

Kiri: Well Hazard, you don't want an innocent kid to be minced up chimichanga meat!

Hazard: I actually don't care.

Kiri: I do. So let's get on Lily.

Hazard: (Groans.) Fine.

(As they all get on Lily's back, Johnny hands Cat the soda.)

Kiri: You ready Lily?

Lily: I'ma ready for anything.

(To which Cat gives Lily the soda, she sparks up and runs lightning fast speed. Going too fast, they crash into the stagecoach with crashes into a hollow cave in a mountain.)

Chad: What are you guys doing?

(A tremor happens.)

Lily: You are trying to eat all the peeps!

(Another tremor happens.)

Chad: What's it to you? Human flesh is a delightful banquet. (He then punches Lily which knocks her to the ground.)

Kiri: Lily!

Chad: All I want is to get a feast going here. Your camp will be my source of food for a long time!

Johnny: So that's why you are splitting up the arcs, you are just turning the camp into a slaughterhouse! (Punches Chad and then kicks him.)

Chad: (Falls to the ground, in which after another tremor the ground crumbles down to reviel a pit full of magma.)

(The gang then tries to reach high ground except for Johnny who is hanging on to the ledge with Chad trying to climb up using him.)

Johnny: What the heck are you doing!? Get off! (He tries to push Chad off with his leg.)

Chad: No! I'm not going to let you get in my way of my sche- (Is pushed off into the magma. He then screams until he dies in the molten lava.) 

(The gang then pulls Johnny up.)

Kiri: Johnny are you okay?

Johnny: I'm okay.

(Lily, who is now conscious, sees Chad sinking in the lava.)

Lily: Hey! I didn't get to kill him! 

(To which the episode ends.)






  • This is the first episode where a main character interacts with a minor character.
  •  This was the first episode Johnny wasn't called Flambo. This is because the crew of the series decided to branch away from Adventure Time to make the show original, and they had to rename Flambo to Johnny due to there being a character with the same name in said show.

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